History of the Marist Brothers in the United States
Appendixes A-D

Early Requests for Marist Brothers


Father Fontbonne, St. Louis Missouri, declined by Blessed Champagnat, founder


Father Chambost New Orleans, Louisiana, declined by Brother Francois, S.G.


Father Antoine Gaudet, Brownsville, Texas declined by Brother Louis Marie, S.G.


Father Parisot, Brownsville, Texas, declined by Brother Theophane, S.G.


Father Doucroux Bourbannais, Illinois, declined by Brother Louis Marie. S.G.


Archbishop F. M. Blanchet, Oregon City Oregon, declined by Brother Louis M., S.G.


Father N. Peckene, San Francisco, California, declined by Brother Theophane, S.G.


Father Thibaudier, Secretary to Bishop Moreau of St. Hyacinth, Canada, declined by Brother Theophane, S.G.


Bishop Moreau, St. Hyacinth, Canada, accepted by Brother Theophane, S.G.


Bishop Healy, Portland, Maine, accepted by Brother Theophane, S.G. for the school in Lewiston, Maine.

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Marist Communities Associated with the American Provinces

1.  Marist College (G.S.), Tucson 1914-1924

1.  Christopher Columbus H. S., Miami 1959-
2.  Msgr. Pace High School, Carol City 1961

1. Marist School for Boys, Savannah 1919-1939
    Catholic High School, Augusta 1939-1957
    Aquinas High School, Augusta 1957-

1.  Marmion Military Academy, Aurora 1944-1957

1.  St. Peter's G. S., Lewiston 1886-1893

1.  Champagnat Hall, Hyattsville 1939-1950

1.  St. Joseph G. S., Lowell 1892-1950
     St. Joseph H. S., Lowell 1934-
2.  St. Jeanne D'Arc G.S., Lowell 1936-1946
3.  St. Anne G. S., Lawrence 1892-1950
     St. Anne H. S., Lawrence 1920-1928
4.  Central Catholic H. S., Lawrence 1935-
5.  St. Joseph G. S., Havershill 1903-1917
6.  St. Joseph Juniorate, Tyngsboro v1922-1949
     St. Joseph Novitiate, Tyngsboro 1949-

New Hampshire
1.  Ecole Hevey G. S., (Ste. Marie), Manchester 1890-1941
2.  Camp Marist for Boys, Center Ossipee 1950-

New Jersey
1.  Marist High School, Bayonne 1954-
2.  Roselle Catholic H. S., Roselle 1960-

New York
1.  St. Jean Baptiste G.S. (Manhattan, N.Y.C.) 1892-1934
2.  St. Ann's Academy (Manhattan, N.Y.C.) 1892-1957
     Archbishop Molloy H. S. (Jamaica, L.I.) 1957-
3.  St. Agnes G.S., (Manhattan, N.Y.C.) 1903-1937
     St. Agnes H. S., (Manhattan, N.Y.C.) 1923-
4.  St. Vincent de Paul G.S., (Manhattan) 1897-1908
5.  St. Paul G.S., (Manhattan, N.Y.C.) 1910-1918
6.  St. Paul G.S., (Manhattan, N.Y.C.) 1913-1921
7.  Mount Saint Michael Academy, Bronx, N.Y. 1926-
8.  Cardinal Hayes H.S., Bronx, N.Y. 1941-
9.  St. Helena G.S., Bronx, N.Y. 1946-1955
     St. Helena H.S., Bronx, N.Y. 1949-
10.  Bishop Dubois H.S., Bronx, N.Y. 1947-
11.  St. Mary's H.S., Manhasset, N.Y. 1950-
12.  Resurrection-Ascension G.S., Rego Park, N.Y. 1954-
13.  St. Ann's Hermitage Juniorate, Poughkeepsie 1906-1942
14.  St. Ann's Hermitage Novitiate, Poughkeepsie 1908-1949
15.  St. Ann's Hermitage Scholasticate, Poughkeepsie 1910-1028
       Marist Training School 1928-1949
       Marist (Marian) College 1928-1946
16.  St. Ann's Hermitage, Provincial House 1911-1952
17.  St. Peter's G.S., Poughkeepsie 1908-1936
       St. Peter's H.S., Poughkeepsie 1927-1936
18.  Holy Trinity G.S., Poughkeepsie 1957-
19.  Our Lady of Lourdes H.S., Poughkeepsie 1958-
20.  Provincial Residence, Marist College, Poughkeepsie 1959-1960
21.  Marist Preparatory School, Esopus 1942-
22.  Marist Provincial House, Esopus 1952-
23.  Marist Brotehrs Novitiate, Esopus 1959-
24.  St. Peter's G.S., Haverstraw 1931-
25.  St. Peter's Day Camp, Haverstraw 1947-
26.  Camp Sunset, Plattekill 1950-
27.  Marist Hall Juniorate, Cold Spring 1960-
28.  Mission Day School, West Hurley 1957-
29.  Nicholas Hall (Provincial House), Cold Springs 1960-
30.  St. Joseph Camp, Bellport, Long Island 1960

1.  St. Joseph Academy, Bronsville 1906-
2.  St. Joseph Normal School, San Antonio 1917-1920
3.  St. Joseph Academy, Laredo 1936-

West Virginia
1.  Central Catholic H.S., Wheeling 1033-

1.  St. Michael G.S., Montreal 1907-1025
2.  St. Boniface College, Manitoba 1910-1917
3.  St. Norbert G.S., St. Norbert, Manitoba 1912-1915
4.  St. Anne des Chenes, G.S., St. A de C. Man. 1913-1915
5.  St. Pierre Jolys G.S., St. P.J., Man. 1913-1921

1.  Notre Dame of Cotabato H.S. Cotabato 1948-
2.  Notre Dame of Marbel H.S., Marbel 1950-
3.  Notre Dame of Marbel College, Marbel 1954-
4.  Notre Dame of Lageo H.S., Lagao 1952-
5.  Notre Dame of Kidapawan H.S., Kidapawan 1954-
6.  Notre Dame of Kidapawan Col., Kidapawan 1960-
7.  Notre Dame of Dadiangas H.S., Dadiangas 1953-
     Notre Dame of Dadiangas Col., Dadiangas 1959-
8.  Notre Dame of Jolo H.S., Jolo 1959-
9.  Immaculate Conception Novitiate, Tamontaka 1959-

1.  Marist Brothers High School, Kobe 1951-
2.  Marist Brothers High School, Kumamoto 1961-

1.  Newman School, Geneva 1961-

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Glossary of Marist Superiors

1817-1839 Blessed Marcellin Champagant, Founder, Superior
1836-1839 Father Jean Colin, S.G. of Marist Fathers, Superior
1839-1840 Blessed Marcellin Champagant, Superior
1839-1845 Brother Francois, Director General
1845-1860 Brother Francois, Superior General
1860-1879 Brother Louis Mary, Superior General
1979-1883 Brother Nestor, Superior General
1883-1907 Brother Theophane, Superior General
1907-1920 Brother Stratonique, Superior General
1920-1942 Brotehr Diogene, Superior General
1942-1945 Brotehr Michaelis, Vicar General
1945-1946 Brother Marie Odulphe, Vicar General
1946-1958 Brother Leonida, Superior General
1958- Brother Charles Rachael, Superior General

1885-1907 Brother Stratonique, Asst. General to North America
1907-1928 Brother Angelicus, Asst. General to North America
1928-1942 Brother Francis Borgia, Asst. General to North America
1942-1948 Brother Paul Stratonique, Asst. General to North America
1948-1953 Brother Regis Aime, Asst. General to North America
1953-1958 Brother Thomas Austin, Asst. General to North America
1958- Brother Paul Ambrose, Asst. General to North America

1885-1887 Brother Cesidius, founder of N.A. Mission Territory
1887-1897 Brother Cesidius, Visitor of N.A. Mission Territory
1897-1903 Brother Cesidius, Provincial of N.A. Mission Territory
1903-1905 Brother Felix Eugene, Provincial of the N.A. Province
1905-1907 Brother Angelicus, Provincial of the N.A. Province
1907-1909 Brother Zephiriny, Provincial of the N.A. Province
1909-1911 Brother Ptolemeus, Provincial of the N.A. Province
1911-1914 Brother Ptolemeus, Provincial of the U.S. Province
1914-1916 Brother Heribert, Provincial of the U.S. Province
1916-1918 Brother Dacianus, Provincial of the U.S. Province
1918-1921 Brother Heribert, Provincial of the U.S. Province
1921-1931 Brother Leo, Provincial of the U.S. Province
1931-1937 Brother Henry Charles, Provincial of the U.S. Province
1937-1942 Brother Paul Stratonique, Provincial of the U.S. Province
1942-1948 Brother Louis Omer, Provincial of the U.S. Province
1948-1953 Brother Thomas Austin, Provincial of the U.S. Province
1953-1959 Brother Linus William, Provincial of the U.S. Province
1959- Brother Linus William, Prov. of the Esopus Province
1959- Brother John Lawrence, Prov. of the Poughkeepsie Province

1887-1893 Brother Cesidius, Represented Brother Assistant General (P.V.)
1901-1903 Brother Felix Eugene, Represented Brother Assistant General (P.V.)
1908-1914 Brother Joseph Emeric, Provincial Cisitor of the Prov. Can. - U.S.
1952-1956 Brother Louis Omer, Provincial Visitor of the Philippine Islands
1956-1960 Brother Maurus James, Provincial Visitor of the Philippine Islands
1955-1958 Brother Paul Ambrose, Provincial Visitor of the Prov. of U.S.
1960- Brother Humbert Damian, Visitor of the District of the P.I.

1940-1945 Brother Emile Nestor
1945-1956 Brother Joseph Abel
1956-1957 Brother Nicholas Mary
1958-1961 Brother Bernard Gregory

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Glossary of Local Superiors

Provincial Houses

1911-1952 St. Ann's Hermitage Provincial House, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
1911-1916 Bro. Marie Anicetus, Dtr. General
1916-1918 Bro. Heribert, Dtr. General
1918-1922 Bro. Marie Anicetus, Dtr. General
1922-1928 Bro. Heribert, Dtr. General
1928-1929 Bro. Peter Vincent, Dtr. General
1929-1931 Bro. Ptolemeus, Dtr. General
1931-1934 Bro. Heribert, Dtr. General
1934-1940 Bro. Leo, Dtr. General
1940-1942 Bro. Louis Omer, Dtr. General
1942-1944 Bro. Leo, Dtr. General
1944-1948 Bro. Joseph Albert, Dtr. General
1948-1948 Bro. Linus William, Dtr. General
1948-1949 Bro. Francis Regis, Dtr. General
1949-1949 Bro. Philip Joseph, Dtr. General
1949-1950 Bro. Henry Charles, Dtr. General
1950-1952 Bro. Paul Ernest, Dtr. General
1952- Marist Provincialate, Esopus, N.Y.
1952-1955 Bro. Paul Ernest, Director
1955-1957 Bro. Placid Robert, Director
1957-1959 Bro. Stephen Emile, Director
1959- Bro. Christopher, Director

Houses of Studies

1939- Champagnat Hall, Hyattsville, Maryland
1939-1939 Bro. Leo Hyacinth, Director
1939-1940 Bro. Albert, Director
1940-1942 Bro. Linus William, Director
1942-1943 Bro. Paul Ambrose, Director
1943-1944 Bro. Victor Ralph, Director
1944-1945 Bro. Genrge Francis, Director
1945-1950 Bro. Marie Petrus, Director
1956-1958 Bro. Andrew Arthur, Director
1958- Bro. Thomas Austin, Director


1905-1942 St. Ann's Hermitage Juniorate, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
1905-1906 Bro. Gervasius, Director
1906-1906 Bro. Charles Emile, Director
1906-1907 Bro. Felix Eugene, Director and Master
1907-1908 Bro. Boniface, Director and Master
1909-1911 Bro. John Casimir, Director and Master
1911-1923 Bro. John Casimir, Master
1923-1931 Bro. Paul Stratonic, Master
1931-1942 Bro. John Philibert, Master
1942- Marist Preparatory, Esopus, N.Y.
1942-1948 Bro. Linus William, Director and Master
1948-1951 Bro. Regis James, Director and Master
1951-1957 Bro. Joseph Damian, Director and Master
1957-1961 Bro. Stephen Urban, Director and Master
1961- Bro. Denis Damian, Director and Master
1922-1949 St. Joseph Huniorate, Tyngsboro, Mass.
1922-1924 Bro. Aloysius Mary, Director
1924-1927 Bro. Edmund Alphonse, Dtr. and Master
1927-1929 Bro. Aloysius Mary, Director
1929-1935 Bro. Edmund Alphonse, Master
1935-1938 Bro. Francis Regis, Dtr. and Master
1938-1944 Bro. Joseph Albert, Dtr, and Master
1944-1947 Bro. Marcel Henry, Dtr. and Master
1947-1949 Bro. Joseph Damian, Dtr. and Maser
1949-1951 St. Joseph Huniorate, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
1949-1951 Bro. Joseph Damian, Dtr. and Master


1908-1949 St. Ann's Hermitage Novitiate, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
1908-1910 Bro. Boniface, Master
1910-1914 Bro. Heribert, Master
1914-1920 Bro. Adolph Leo, Master
1920-1923 Bro. Zephiriny, Master
1923-1937 Bro. Aldoph Leo, Master
1937-1946 Bro. Henry Charles, Master
1946-1946 Bro. John Philibert, ad interim
1946-1948 Bro. Henry Charles, Master
1948-1949 Bro. Louis Omer, Master
1949- St. Joseph Novitiate, Tyngsboro, Mass.
1949-1952 Bro. Louis Omer, Master
1952-1958 Bro. Pius Victor, Master
1958- Bro. David Ottmar, Master
1949-1951 Bro. Philip Joseph, Director
1951-1952 Bro. Pius Victor, Director
1952-1958 Bro. Henry Charles, Director
1958- Bro. George Robert, Director
1959- Marist Bothers Novitiate, Esopus, N.Y.
1959- Bro. Peter Hilary, Master


1895-1910 St. Ann's Academy, New York City
1895-1904 Bro. Zephiriny, Director
1904-1910 Bro. Ptolemeus, Director
1910-1928 St. Ann's Hermitage Scholasticate, Poughkeepsie, NY
1910-1912 Bro. Mary Florentius, Master
1912-1914 Bro. Mary Anicetus, Dtr. General
1914-1919 Bro. Ptolemeus, Director General
1919-1922 Bro. Mary Anicetus, Director General
1922-1923 Bro. Paul Stratonic, Master
1923-1927 Bro. Adolph Armand, Master
1927-1928 Bro. Emile Nestor, Master
1928-1946 Marist Training School, Poughkeepsie, NY
1928-1931 Bro. Emile Nestor, Master
1931-1940 Bro. Adrian August, Master
1940-1941 Bro. Victor Ralph, Master
1941-1943 Bro. Nicholas Mary, Master
1943-1946 Bro. Paul Ambrose, Master
1946- Marian (Marist) College, Poughkeepsie, NY
1946-1957 Bro. Paul Ambrose, Master
1957- Bro. Keiran Thomas, Master
1952-1958 Bro. Paul Ambrose, Director
1958-1961 Bro. Kieran Thomas, Director
1961- Bro. Richard Edwin, Director
1946-1953 Bro. Paul Ambrose, Dean
1953-1954 Bro. Leo Sylvius, Dean
1954-1955 Bro. Marcel Henry, Dean
1955-1957 Bro. Kieran Thomas, Dean
1957- Bro. Paul Octavius, Dean
1946-1948 Bro. Louis Omer, President
1948-1953 Bro. Thomas Austin, President
1953-1955 Bro. Linus William, President
1955-1959 Bro. Paul Ambrose, President
1959- Bro. Linus Richard, President

Poughkeepsie Area Schools

1908-1936 St. Peter's School, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
1908-1910 Bro. John Vincent, Dtr., Prin.
1910-1911 Bro. Paul Mary, Dtr., Prin.
1911-1912 Bro. Adolph Armand, Dtr., Prin.
1912-1915 Bro. Peter Raphael, Dtr., Prin.
1915-1916 Bro. Mary Severinus, Dtr., Prin
1916-1922 Bro. Charles Honere, Dtr., Prin.
1922-1925 Bro. Austin Mary, Dtr., Prin.
1925-1927 Bro. Joannes Maris, Dtr. Prin.
1927-1933 Bro. Adolph Armand, Dtr., Prin.
1933-1936 Bro. Louis Omer, Dtr. Prin.
1931- St. Peter's School, Haverstraw, New York
1931-1934 Bro. Joseph Albert, Dtr. Prin.
1934-1937 Bro. Owen Cuthbert, Dtr. Prin.
1937-1940 Bro. George Francis, Dtr. Prin.
1940-1943 Bro. Charles Raymond, Dtr. Prin.
1943-1950 Bro. Anthony Charles, Dtr. Prin.
1950-1950 Bro. Louis Futhyme, ad interim
1950-1956 Bro. Emile Michael, Dtr. Prin.
1956- Bro. Anthony Charles, Dtr. Prin.
1957- Holy Trinity School, Poughkeepsie, NY
1957- Bro. Conan Vincent, Dtr. Prin.
1958- Our Lady of Lourdes High School, Poughkeepsie, NY
1958-1961 Bro. Florent Augustine, Dtr. Prin.
1961- Bro. Pius Xavier, Dtr. Prin.

New York City Area Schools

1982-1957 St. Ann's Academy, New York City
1892-1904 Bro. Zephiriny, Director, Prin.
1904-1911 Bro. Ptolemeus, Director, Prin.
1911-1916 Bro. Dacianus, Director, Prin.
1916-1919 Bro. Adolph Armand, Director Prin.
1919-1922 Bro. Leo, Director, Prin.
1922-1925 Bro. Ptolemeus, Director, Prin.
1925-1926 Bro. Mary Florentius, Director
1926-1927 Bro. Peter Vincent, Director
1927-1929 Bro. Francis Borgia, Director
1929-1931 Bro. Henry Charles, Director
1931-1933 Bro. Paul Stratonic, Director
1933-1937 Bro. Emile Nestor, Director
1940-1944 Bro. Thomas Austin, Director
1944-1947 Bro. Louis Euthyme, Director
1947-1949 Bro. Thomas Austin, Director
1949-1953 Bro. Linus William, Director
1953-1957 Bro. John Lawrence, Director
1919-1922 Bro. Adolph Armand, Principal
1922-1925 Bro. Mary Florentius, Principal
1925-1927 Bro. Francis Borgia, Principal
1927-1930 Bro. Charles Honore, Principal
1930-1932 Bro. Leo Hyacinth, Principal
1932-1933 Bro. Emile Nestor, Principal
1933-1936 Bro. Francis Michael, Principal
1936-1941 Bro. Marcel Henry, Principal
1941-1945 Bro. Paul Wilfrid, Principal
1945-1945 Bro. Joseph Abel, Principal
1945-1950 Bro. John Arthur, Principal
1950-1951 Bro. Thomas Alban, Principal
1951-1953 Bro. Lawrence Joseph, Principal
1953-1957 Bro. Wilfrid Mary, Principal
1957- Archbishop Molloy High School, Jamacia, N.Y.
1957-1959 Bro. John Lawrence, Director
1958- Bro. Athansius Norbert, Director
1957-1959 Bro. James Damian, Dean of Studies
1957-1960 Bro. Sixtus Victor, Dean of Discipline
1959- Bro. Philip Damian, Dean of Studies
1960- Bro. Peter Martin, Dean of Discipline
1892-1934 St. Jean Baptiste School, New York City
1892-1904 Bro. Zephiriny, Director, Prin.
1904-1909 Bro. Ptolemeus, Director, Prin.
1909-1913 Bro. Felix Eugene, Director, Prin.
1913-1914 Bro. Adolph Armand, Director, Prin.
1914-1916 Bro. Peter Vincent, Director, Prin.
1916-1920 Bro. Mary Sylvain, Director, Prin.
1920-1922 Bro. Joseph Severinus, Director, Prin.
1922-1927 Bro. John Francis, Director, Prin.
1927-1928 Bro. Peter Vincent, Director, Prin.
1928-1929 Bro. John Francis, Director, Prin.
1929-1934 Bro. Louis Euthyme, Director, Prin.
1897-1908 St. Vincent de Paul School, New York City
1897-1898 Bro. Priscillianus, Prin. boys
1898-1902 Bro. Marie Boniface, Prin. boys
1902-1903 Bro. Paul Mary, Prin. boys
1903-1905 Bro. Joseph Maxime, Prin. boys
1905-1908 Bro. Marie Gualbert, Prin. boys
1903- St. Agnus High School, New York City
1903-1904 Bro. Mary Boniface, Principal
1904-1911 Bro. Peter Vincent, Principal
1911-1912 Bro. Aloysius Mary, Principal
1912-1915 Bro. John Francis, Principal
1915-1916 Bro. Charles Honore, Principal
1916-1923 Bro. Boniface, Principal
1923-1929 Bro. Boniface, Director, Prin.
1929-1932 Bro. Joseph Cadroes, Director, Prin.
1932-1935 Bro. Leo Hyacinth, Director, Prin.
1935-1938 Bro. Joseph Abel, Director, Prin.
1938-1940 Bro. Louis Omer, Director, Prin.
1940-1946 Bro. Adrian August, Director, Prin.
1946-1952 Bro. Cyril Robert, Director, Prin.
1952-1953 Bro. Patrick, Director, Prin.
1953-1953 Bro. Leo Sylvius, Director, Prin.
1953-1959 Bro. Peter Hilary, Director, Prin.
1959-1960 Bro, Patrick Eugene, Director, Prin.
1960- Bro. Timothy Gerard, Director, Prin.
1910-1918 S. Paul School, New York City
1910-1914 Bro. Leo, Principal
1914-1915 Bro. Peter Vincent, Principal
1915-1918 Bro. Pail Stratonic, Principal
1913-1921 St. Ignatius School, Ney York City
1913-1915 Bro. Joseph Severinus, in charge
1915-1921 Bro. Henry Charles, in charge
1926- Mount St. Michael Academy, New York City
1926-1931 Bro. Mary Florentius, Dtr. Prin.
1931-1931 Bro. Heribert, ad interim
1931-1932 Bro. Mary Florentius, Dtr.
1932-1933 Bro. Leo, Dtr.
1933-1939 Bro. Francis Zavier, Dtr.
1939-1943 Bro. Joseph Damian, Dtr.
1943-1949 Bro. Nicholas Mary, Dtr.
1949-1952 Bro. John Lawrence, Dtr.
1952-1960 Bro. Leo Vincent, Dtr.
1960- Bro. Patrick Eugene, Dtr.
1931-1934 Bro. Paul Ernest, Principal
1934-1937 Bro. Linus William, Principal
1937-1941 Bro. John Lawrence, Principal
1941-1942 Bro. Peter Hilary, Principal
1942-1952 Bro. Leo Sylvius, Principal
1952-1956 Bro. Athansius Norbert, Principal
1956-1959 Bro. Patrick Eugene, Dean Stud.
1956-1958 Bro. Florent Augustine, Dean Dis.
1958-1959 Bro. Francis Michael, Dean Dis.
1959-1961 Bro. Pius Zavier, Dean of Disc.
1959- Bro. William James, Dean Studies
1961- Bro. Timothy Joseph, Dean Dis.
1941- Cardinal Hayes High School, New York City
1941-1944 Bro. John Lawrence, Director
1944-1950 Bro. Vincent Dominic, Director
1950-1951 Bro. Philip John, Director
1951-1952 Bro. Athanasius Norbert, Dtr.
1952-1956 Bro. Philip John, Dtr.
1956-1958 Bro. Louis Omer, Director
1958-1961 Bro. James Bernard, Director
1961- Bro. John Arthur, Director
1946- St. Helena High School, New York City
1946-1947 Bro. Conan Vincent, Principal
1947-1953 Bro. Conan Vincent, Prin. Dtr.
1953-1959 Bro. James Thomas, Prin. Dtr.
1959- Bro. James Damian, Prin. Dtr.
1947- Bishop Dubois High School, New York City
1947-1951 Bro. Athansius Norbert, Director
1951-1957 Bro. Henry Joseph, Director
1957-1961 Bro. John Arthur, Director
1961- Bro. Bernard Aloysius, Director
1950- St. Mary's High School, Manhasset, N.Y.
1950-1956 Bro. Nicholas Mary, Dtr. Prin.
1956-1958 Bro. Bernard Gregory, Dtr. Prin.
1958- Bro. Cletus Richard, Dtr. Prin.
1954- Resurrection-Assension School, Rego Park, N.Y.
1954-1958 Bro. James Bernard, Dtr. Prin.
1958- Bro. Francis Anthony, Dtr. Prin.
1954- Marist High School, Mayonne, N.J.
1954- Bro. Leo Sylvius, Dtr. Prin.
1960- Roselle Catholic High School, Roselle, N.J.
1960- Bro. Sixtus Victor, Dtr. Prin.
1960- Marist Hall, Cold Spring-on-Hudson, N.Y.
1960- Bro. Leo Vincent, Dtr. Master
1960- Camp St. Joseph, Bellport, New York
1960- Bro. Athanasius Norbert, Dtr.

New England Schools

1886-1894 St. Peter's School, Lewiston, Maine
1886-1892 Bro. Come, Director and Prin.
1892-1894 Bro. Joseph Emeric, Director and Prin.
1890-1941 Ecole Hevey School, Manchester, New Hampshire
1890-1894 Bro. Vitalicus, Dtr. and Prin.
1894-1895 Bro. Joseph Emeric, Dtr. and Prin.
1895-1906 Bro. Generalis, Dtr. and Prin.
1906-1908 Bro. Jordanus, Dtr. and Prin.
1908-1914 Bro. Marie Sylvian, Dtr. and Prin.
1914-1918 Bro. Leo, Dtr. and Prin.
1918-1920 Bro. Leo Bernadin, Dtr. and Prin.
1920-1923 Bro. Adolph Leo, Dtr. and Prin.
1923-1926 Bro. John Casimir, Dtr. and Prin.
1926-1929 Bro. Henry Charles, Dtr. and Prin.
1929-1936 Bro. Francis Regis, Dtr. and Prin.
1936-1941 Bro. Edmund Alphonse, Dtr. and Prin.
1892- St. Joseph High School, Lowell, Mass.
1892-1906 Bro. Chryseil, Director and Prin.
1906-1909 Bro. Priscilianus, Director and Prin.
1909-1910 Bro. Jordanus, Director and Prin.
1910-1911 Bro. Leo Marcel, Director and Prin.
1911-1917 Bro. Leo Bernadin, Dtr. and Prin.
1917-1920 Bro. Peter Vincent, Dtr. and Prin.
1920-1922 Bro. Mary Florentius, Dtr. and Prin.
1922-1929 Bro. Francis Regis, Dtr. and Prin.
1929-1930 Bro. Marie Petrus, Dtr. and Prin.
1930-1937 Bro. Boniface, Dtr. and Prin.
1937-1939 Bro. Joseph Damian, Dtr. and Prin.
1939-1942 Bro. Zenon, Dtr. and Prin.
1942-1948 Bro. Peter Hilary, Dtr. and Prin.
1948-1951 Bro. Stephen Emile, Dtr. and Prin.
1951-1954 Bro. Marcel Henry, Dtr. and Prin.
1954-1957 Bro. Joseph Conrad, Dtr. and Prin.
1957-1958 Bro. Joseph Damian, Dtr. and Prin.
1958- Bro. Giles Marcellin, Dtr. and Prin.
1892-1950 St. Anne School, Lawrence, Massachusetts
1892-1900 Bro. Angelicus, Director and Prin.
1900-1902 Bro. Felix Antoine, Director and Prin.
1902-1906 Bro. Heribert, Director and Prin.
1906-1907 Bro. Gonzalvus, Director and Prin.
1907-1908 Bro. Marie Sylvain, Director and Prin.
1908-1914 Bro. Louis Raphael, Director and Prin.
1914-1917 Bro. Feliz Eugene, Director and Prin.
1917-1917 Bro. Elie Justin, Director and Prin.
1917-1922 Bro. Aloysius Mary, Director and Prin.
1922-1923 Bro. Victor Hilaire, Director and Prin.
1923-1929 Bro. Mary Petrus, Director and Prin.
1929-1932 Bro. Constantine Ernest, Director and Prin.
1932-1936 Bro. Mary Florentius, Director and Prin.
1936-1937 Bro. Paul Stratonic, Director and Prin.
1937-1937 Bro. Henry Charles, Director and Prin
Bro. Andre Celestrin, ad interim
1937-1940 Bro. Anthony of Padua, Dtr. Prin.
1940-1941 Bro. Alphonse Victor, Dtr. Prin.
1941-1944 Bro. Stephen Emile, Dtr. and Prin.
1944-1945 Bro. Victor Ralph, Dtr. and Prin.
1945-1948 Bro. Stephen Emile, Dtr. and Prin.
1948-1950 Bro. Emile Michael, Dtr. and Prin.
1903-1947 St. Joseph School, Haverhill, Massachusetts
1903-1906 Bro. Priscillianus, Dtr, and Prin.
1906-1909 Bro. Dacianus, Dtr. and Prin.
1909-1912 Bro. M. Ludovicus, Dtr. and Prin.
1912-1914 Bro. Leo Marcel, Dtr. and Prin.
1914-1917 Bro. Mary Cephas, Dtr. and Prin.
1917-1923 Bro. Philip Joseph, Dtr. and Prin.
1923-1925 Bro. Leo Victor, Dtr. and Prin.
1925-1926 Bro. Ptolemeus, Dtr. and Prin.
1926-1926 Bro. Felix Eugne, Dtr. and Prin.
1926-1929 Bro. Marie Petrus, Dtr. and Prin.
1929-1931 Bro. Aloysius Mary, Dtr. and Prin.
1931-1932 Bro. Leo, Dtr, and Prin.
1932-1932 Bro. Aloysius Mary, Dtr. and Prin.
1932-1933 Bro. Louis Omer, Dtr. and Prin.
1933-1936 Bro. Alphonse Victor, Dtr. and Prin.
1936-1938 Bro. Joseph Albert, Dtr. and Prin.
1938-1941 Bro. Mary Linus, Dtr. and Prin.
1941-1947 Bro. Theophile, Dtr. and Prin.
1935- Central Catholic High School, Lawrence, Mass.
1935-1936 Bro. Thomas Austin, Principal
1936-1938 Bro. Mary Florentius, Dtr. and Prin.
1938-1944 Bro. Joseph Abel, Dtr. and Prin.
1944-1949 Bro. John Lawrence, Dtr. and Prin.
1949-1952 Bro. Leo Vincent, Dtr. and Prin.
1952-1958 Bro. George Camille, Dtr. and Prin.
1958-1961 Bro. Hugh Ephrem, Dtr. and Prin.
1961- Bro. Florent Augustine, Dtr. and Prin.
1936-1947 St. Jeanne D'Arc School, Lowell, Mass.
1936-1938 Bro. Charles Raymond, Principal
1938-1939 Bro. Alphonse Victor, Principal
1939-1946 Bro. Joseph Stephane, Principal

Southern and Western Schools

1919-1939 Marist School for Boys, Savannah, Georgia
1919-1922 Bro. Paul Stratonic, Dtr. and Prin.
1922-1925 Bro. Henry Charles, Dtr. and Prin.
1925-1928 Bro. Louis Euthyme, Dtr. and Prin.
1928-1931 Bro. Mary Andrew, Dtr. and Prin.
1931-1934 Bro. Joseph Abel, Dtr. and Prin.
1934-1937 Bro. Joseph Damian, Dtr, and Prin.
1937-1939 Bro. Nicholas Mary, Dtr. and Prin.
1933- Central Catholic High School, Wheeling, W. Va.
1933-1936 Bro. Paul Stratonic, Dtr. and Prin.
1936-1940 Bro. Thomas Austin, Dtr. and Prin.
1940-1940 Bro. Francis Xavier, Dtr. and Prin.
1940-1944 Bro. Marcel Henry, Dtr. and Prin.
1944-1950 Bro. Francis Michael, Dtr. and Prin.
1950-1956 Bro. Bernard Gregory, Dtr. and Prin.
1956- Bro. Philip John, Dtr. and Prin.
1939- Aquinas High School, Augusta, Georgia
1939-1941 Bro. Nicholas Mary, Dtr. and Prin.
1941-1947 Bro. Benedict Henry, Dtr. and Prin.
1947-1951 Bro. Ignatius Robert, Dtr. and Prin.
1951-1957 Bro. John Arthur, Dtr, and Prin.
1957-1959 Bro. Athansius Norbert, Dtr. and Prin.
1959- Bro. Claude, Dtr. and Prin.
1944-1958 Marmion Academy, Aurora, Illinois
1944-1947 Bro. Thomas Austin, Director
1947-1950 Bro. Philip John, Director
1950-1954 Bro. Joseph Leo, Director
1954-1958 Bro. Regis James, Director
1906- St. Joseph Academy, Brownsville, Texas
1906-1908 Bro. Anthony Aubert, Dtr. and Prin.
1908-1911 Bro. Euphrasio, Dtr. and Prin.
1911-1917 Bro. Innocent, Dtr. and Prin.
1917-1921 Bro. Henry Fumeaux, Dtr. and Prin.
1921-1924 Bro. Paul Allemand, Dtr. and Prin.
1924-1931 Bro. Henry Fumeaux, Dtr. and Prin.
1931-1937 Bro. Paul Alemand, Dtr. and Prin.
1937-1942 Bro. Henry Fumeaux, Dtr. and Prin.
1942-1944 Bro. Louis Rodd, Dtr. and Prin.
1944-1950 Bro. Paul Allemand, Dtr. and Prin.
1950-1959 Bro. William Cyril, Dtr. and Prin.
1959-1961 Bro. Richard Aloysius, Dtr. and Prin.
1961- Bro. Luke Anselm, Dtr. and Prin.
1936- St. Joseph Academy, Laredo, Texas
1936-1942 Bro. John Heredia, Dtr. and Prin.
1942-1948 Bro. Henry Fumeaux, Dtr. and Prin.
1948-1954 Bro. James Carroll, Dtr. and Prin.
1954-1959 Bro. Louis Rodd, Dtr. and Prin.
1959- Bro. Luke, Dtr. and Prin.
1914-1924 Marist College (Grammar School), Tucson, Ariz.
1914-1920 Bro. Gosbertius, Dtr. and Prin.
1920-1922 Bro. Golegne, Dtr. and Prin.
1922-1924 Bro. Henry Gumeaux, Dtr, and Prin.
1959- Christopher Columbus H.S., Miami Florida
1959- Bro. Benedict Henry, Dtr. and Principal

Mission High Schools and Colleges

1948- Notre Dame of Cotabato H.S., Cotabato, P.I.
1948-1954 Bro. Maurus James, Prin. and Dtr.
1954-1955 Bro. Anthony Bernard, Prin. and Dtr.
1955-1958 Bro. Denis Colman, Prin. and Dtr.
1958-1960 Bro. Humbert Damian, Prin. and Dtr.
1960-1961 Bro. Regis Xavier, Prin. and Dtr.
1961- Bro. Maurus James, Director
1950- Notre Dame of Marbel H.S. and College, Marbel, P.I.
1950-1952 Bro. Edmund Conrad, Dtr. Prin.
1952-1957 Bro. Herbert Daniel, Dtr. Prin.
1957-1958 Bro. Humbert Damian, Dtr. Prin.
1958-1961 Bro. Herbert Daniel, Dtr. Prin.
1954-1957 Bro. Thomas Edward, Dean
1961- Bro. Henry Joseph, Director
1952- Notre Dame of Lagao H.S., Lagao, P.I.
1952-1956 Bro. Humbert Damian, Dtr. and Prin.
1956-1957 Bro. Maurus James, Dtr. and Prin.
1957-1958 Bro. Humbert Damian, Dtr. and Prin.
1958-1959 Bro. Felix Eugene, Dtr. and Prin.
1959-1961 Bro. Robert Baptist, Dtr. and Prin.
1959-1960 Bro. Louis Omer, Master of Novices
1961- Bro. Herman Edwin, Dtr. and Master of Scholastics
1954- Notre Dame of Kidapawan, H.S. and College, Kidapawan, P.I.
1954-1955 Bro. Maurus James, Dtr. and Prin.
1955-1961 Bro. Norman Cyril, Dtr, and Prin.
1961- Bro. Regis Xavier, Dtr. and Prin.
1953- Notre Dame of Dadiangas H.S. and College, Dadiangas, P.I.
1953-1956 Bro. Humbert Damian, Prin. of Lagao
1956-1957 Bro. Maurus James, Prin. of Lagao
1957-1958 Bro. Humbert Damian, Prin. of Lagao
1958-1960 Bro. Godwin Anselm, Dtr. and Prin.
1960- Bro. Patrick Nicholas, Dtr. and Prin.
1960- Bro. Herbert Daniel, Dean
1959- Immaculate Conception Novitiate, Tamontaka, P.I.
1959- Bro. Louis Omer, Master of Novices
1959- Bro. Denis Colman, Director
1959- Notre Dame of Jolo High School, Jolo, P.I.
1959-1961 Bro. Herman Edwin, Dtr. and Prin.
1961- Bro. Alfred George, Director
1951- Marist Brothers School, Kobe, Japan
1951-1957 Bro. Leon Stephane, Dtr. and Prin.
1957- Bro. Louis Charles, Dtr. and Prin.
1959- Kumamoto Maristo High School, Kumamato, Japan
1959-1961 Bro. Patrick Francis, Organizer
1961- Bro. Patrick Francis, Dtr. and Prin.

Canadian Schools of the Province of the United States 

1910-1917 St. Boniface College, St. Coniface, Manitoba, Canada
1910-1910 Bro. Namase, Director
1910-1016 Bro. Marie Boniface, Director
1916-1917 Bro. Victor Hilaire, Director
1912-1915 St. Norbert School. St. Norbert, Manitoba, Canada
1912-1914 Bro. Charles Adrian, Director
1914-1915 Bro. Francis Regis, Director
1913-1921 St. Pierre Jolys, School, St. Pierre Jolys, Manitoba, Canada
1913-1919 Bro. Louis Viateur, Director
1915-1921 Bro. Victor Hilaire, Director
1913-1916 St. Anne Des Chenes School, St. Anne des Chenes, Manitoba, Canada
1913-1915 Bro. Victor Hilaire, Director
1915-1916 Bro. Jules Ambrose, Director
1907-1925 St. Michael School, Montreal, Canada
1907-1910 Bro. Paul Mary, Director
1910-1912 Bro. John Francis, Director
1912-1918 Bro. Mary Florentius, Director
1918-1923 Bro. Edmund Alphonse, Dtr.
1923-1925 Bro. Philip Joseph, Dtr.

House of Studies in Canada

1898-1911 Scholasticate, Iberville, Canada
1898-1899 Bro. Nivard, Master of Scholastics
1899-1903 Bro. Marcelien Louis, Master, Dtr.
1903-1904 Bro. Joseph Emeric, Master
1904-1905 Bro. Louis Dimas, Master
1905-1906 Bro. Genest, Master
1906-1907 Bro. Peter Vincent, Master
1907-1907 Bro. Saintin, Master
1907-1908 Bro. Marie Anicetus, Master
1908-1909 Bro. Henri Noel, Master
1909-1909 Bro. Charles Emile, Master
1909-1910 Bro. Gonzalvus, Master
1910-1911 Bro. Adonius, Master
1887-1892 Novitiate, Iberville, Canada
1887-1891 Bro. Cesidius, Master
1891-1892 Bro. Come, Master
1892-1934 Novitiate, St. Hycinthe, Canada
1892-1898 Bro. Come, Master
1898-1904 Bro. Legontien, Master
1904-1907 Bro. Cesidius, Master
1907-1910 Bro. Heribert, Master
1910-1934 Bro. Charles Casimir, Master
1892-1911 Juniorate, Iberville, Canada
1892-1893 Bro. Pierre Chrysologue, Master
1893-1898 Bro. Saintin, Master
1898-1900 Bro. Felix Antoine, Master
1900-1906 Bro. Saintin, Master
1906-1909 Bro. Louis Gustave, Master
1909-1910 Bro. Adonius, Master
1910-1911 Bro. Marie Stratonique
1899-1917 St. Ann's Juniorate, Levis, Canada
1899-1903 Bro. Chrystotele, Master
1903-1907 Bro. Marie Anicetus, Master
1907-1917 Bro. Saintin, Master

1985-1911 First Schools of the Original Province8

1885-1911 St. Athanase School, Iberville, P.Q. Canada
1885-1889 Bro. Cesidius, Director
1889-1892 Bro. Chryseuil, Director
1892-1900 Bro. Louis Felix, Director
1900-1905 Bro. Angelicus, Director
1905-1907 Bro. Zephiriny, Director
1907-1910 Bro. Gabriel Marie, Director
1910-1911 Bro. Pierre Chrysologue, (in charge)
1893-1903 Juniorate, Iberville, P.Q., Canada (Loupret)
1893-1898 Bro. Saintin, Master
1898-1900 Bro. Felix Antoine, Master
1900-1903 Bro. Saintin, Master
1903-1911 Scholasticate, Iberville, P.Q., Canada
1903-1904 Bro. Joseph Emeric, Master
1904-1905 Bro. Louis Dimas, Master
1905-1906 Bro. Genest, Master
1906-1907 Bro. Peter Vincent, Master
1907-1908 Bro. Marie Anicetus, Master
1908-1909 Bro. Joseph Emeric, Master
1909-1910 Bro. Alfrid, Master
1910-1911 Bro. Adonius, Master

Canadian Provincials Since 1911

1911-1943 The Province of Canada*
1911-1914 Bro. Cesidius
1914-1920 Bro. Joseph Emeric
1920-1926 Bro. Gabriel Marie
1926-1932 Bro. Jules Adrien
1932-1935 Bro. Marie Stratonique
1935-1943 Bro. Louis Gustave
1943-1961 The Province of Iberville
1943-1948 Bro. Louis Gustave
1948-1954 Bro. Joseph Azarias
1954-1957 Bro. Antoine Albert
1957-1959 Bro. Joseph Azarias
1959- Bro. Olivier
1943-1960 Province of Levis
1943-1949 Bro. Auguste Henri
1949-1955 Bro. Lorenzo
1955-1960 Bro. Pierre Ferdinand
1960- Bro. Henri Louis**
1960- The Province of Debiens
1960- Bro. Aime Louis

*This Province was divided into the Provinces of Iberville and Levis in 1943 

**This Province was divided in 1960, the Province of Debiens was organized in the Lake St. John region from the Province of Levis.

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