The Historical Growth and Development of the Marist Brothers in the United States
Brother Martin Thomas, F.M.S.

To the dedicated religious who brought the
Marist Apostolate to the United
States and to those who helped
it develope, expand, and prosper.


Chapter 1 The Origin of the Marist Brothers
Biography of the Founder
Founding of the Institute in 1817
The Society of Mary
Historical Growth, 1840-1960
Missionary Apostolate, 1936-1961
Chapter 2 The Pioneering Period, 1885-1011
Bro. Cesidius, Adm., 1885-1903
Bro. Felix Eugene's Adm., 1903-1905
Bro. Angelicus' Adm., 1905-1907
Bro. Zephiriny's Adm., 1907-1909
Bro. Ptolemeus' Adm., 1909-1911
Chapter 3 The Reorganization Period, 1911-1931
Bro. Ptolemeus' Adm., 1911-1914
Bro. Heribert's Adm., 1914-1916
Bro. Dacianus' Adm., 1916-1918
Bro. Heribert's Adm., 1918-1922
Bro. Leo's Adm., 1922-1931
Chapter 4 The Transition Period, 1931-1953
Bro. Henry Charles, Adm., 1931-1937
Bro. Paul Stratonic, Adm., 1937-1942
Bro. Louis Omer's Adm., 1942-1948
Bro. Thomas Austin's Adm., 1948-1953
Chapter 5 The Expansion Period, 1953-Present
Bro. Linus William's Adm., 1953-1959
Bro. John Lawrence's Adm., 1959-
Bro. Linus William's Adm., 1959-
Chapter 6 Brief Histories of Marist Communities
New York Metropolitan Area
Poughkeepsie Area
The South
New England Area
Canadian Communities
The Philippine Mission District
THe Japanese Mission Territory
Conclusion 99
Appendix A
Appendix B 101
Appendix C 104
Appendix D 105
Appendix E 120
Appendix F 122
Appendix G 123
Appendix H 124
Appendix I 126
Appendix J 127
Appendix K 129
Bibliography 130
Supplemental Data  


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