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Abbot, George & Wallop, Douglas

Damn Yankees

ML 50 .R7963 D3 1956

Abbot, George

New Girl In Town

ML 50 .M5712 N5 1958

Abbot, George & Bissell, Richard

The Pajama Game

ML 50 .R7963 P3 1954

Adams, Joey & Tobias, Henry

The Borscht Belt

F 106 .A3 1966


Seven Against Thebes (2 Copies)

PA 3827 .S4 H4 1973

Albee, Edward

The Play About The Baby

PS 2551 .L25 P58 2003

Albee, Edward

The Sand Box

PS 3501 .L4 S3 1963

Albee, Edward

Selected Plays of Edward Albee

PS 3551 .L25 A6 1987

Albee, Edward

Three Tall Women

PS 3551 .L25 T48 1994

Albee, Edward

Tiny Alice

PS 3551 .L25 T5 1970

Alexander, Roland

Time Out For Ginger

PS 3501 .L438 T5 1953

Allen, Jay Presson

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

PS 3551 .L3938 P7 1969

Allen, Woody

Don't Drink the Water

PS 3551 .L44 D6 1967

Allen, Woody

Play It Again, Sam (4 Copies)

PS 3551 .L44 P6 1969

Anderson, Maxwell

Joan of Lorraine

PS 3501 .N256 J56 1974

Anderson, Maxwell

Barefoot In Athens

PS 3501 .N256 B27 1951

Anderson, Robert

Tea and Sympathy (2 Copies)

PS 3501 .N34 T4 1953

Anderson, Robert

I Never Sang for My Father

PS 3501 .N34 I2 1968

Anouilh, Jean

Antigone (4 Copies)

PQ 2601 .N67 A72 1974

Anouilh, Jean

The Lark

PQ 2601 .N67 A692 1957

Anouilh, Jean

Mademoiselle Colombe

PQ 2601 .N67 C613

Anouilh, Jean

The Rehearsal

PQ 2601 .N67 R43 1961

Anouilh, Jean

Time Remembered

PQ 2601 .N67 L43 1958

Anouilh, Jean

The Waltz of the Toreadors

PQ 2601 .N67 V313 1952

Ashley, Franklin & Schempp, James I.

Bind Them Continually & Other Plays

Not in OCLC

Aughtry, Charles Edward

Landmarks in Modern Drama

PN 6112 .A9 1963

Ashman, Howard

Little Shop Of Horrors, A New Musical

ML 50 .M539 L6 1982

Axelrod, George

The Seven Year Itch

PS 3501 .X4 S4 1953

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Bagnold, Enid

The Chalk Garden

PR 6003 .A33 C5 1956

Baitz, Jon Robins

A Fair Country

PS 3552 .A393 F35 1997

Baitz, Jon Robins

The Substance of Fire (A Screenplay, based on his play)

PN 1997 .S797 1996

Baldwin, John Jr.


PN 6120 .A5 B333 1970

Bamman, Jerry


PS 3552 .A45 E55 1983

Barlow, Judith E.

Plays by American Women

PS 628 .W6 P59 1985

Baron, Jeff

Visiting Mr. Greene

PS 3552 .A65 V57 1997

Barry, P.J.

The Octette Bridge Club

PS 3552 .A7426 O28 1985

Barry, Philip


PS 3503 .A648 H6 1956

Barry, Sebastian

The Only True History of Lizzie Finn, The Steward of Christendom, and White Women Street

PR 6052 .A729 A6 1995

Beane, Douglas Carter

As Bees in Honey Drown

PS 3552 .E1545 A77 1997

Becket, Samuel

Waiting for Godot

PQ 2603.E378 E645 1989

Behan, Brendan

The Quare Fellow & The Hostage

PR 6003 .E417 Q3 1964

Behrman, S.N. & Logan, Joshua


ML 50 .R7517 F3 1955

Behrman, S.N.


PS 3503 .E37 J3 1952

Berhman, S.N.

Lord Pengo

PS 3503 .E37 L6 1963

Belasco, David

The Girl of the Golden West (8 Copies)

PS 1085 .B23 G5 1996

Bennett, Alan; Cook, Peter; Miller Jonathan; & Moore, Dudley

Beyond the Fringe

PR 6052 .E5 B4 1963

Bergman, Ingmar

Four Screenplays of Ingmar Bergman

PT 9875 .B533 A25 1989

Berrigan, Daniel

The Trial of the Catonsville Nine (3 Copies)

PS 3503 .E734 T68 1970

Bevan, Donald & Trzcinski, Edward

Stalag 17

PS 3503 .E887 S8 1951

Bevis, Richard W.

English Drama: Restoration and Eighteenth Century, 1660-1789

PR 691 .B48 1988

Bishop, John

The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940

PS 3552 .I7713 M8 1987

Blessing, Lee

Oldtimers Game

PS 3552 .L43 O4 1988

Blessing, Lee

A Walk in the Woods (2 Copies)

PS 3552 .L43 W28 1986

Boesing, Martha

The Web

PS 3552 .O426 W32 1981

Boettcher - Tate, Karen

The Elves and the Shoemaker

PS 3552 .O427 E48 1990

Boettcher - Tate, Karen

The Emperor's New Clothes (8 Copies)

PS 3552 .O427 E46 1991

Boettcher - Tate, Karen

Stone Soup (3 Copies)

PS 3552 .O427 S76 1992

Bogosian, Eric

Talk Radio

PS 3552 .O46 T35 1989

Bolt, Robert

A Man For All Seasons

PR 6052 .O39 M3 1962

Booth, Hilliard

The Red Lamp (4 Copies)

PN 6120 .A52 B668 1942

Borgenson, Jess; Long, Adam; & Singer, Daniel

The Complete Works of Wllm Shkspr (abridged)

PR 2879 .B67 1994

Branch, William B.

Black Thunder: An Anthology of Contemporary African American Drama

PS 628 .N4 B57 1992

Braun, William

Curse You Jack Dalton

PS 3503 .R2733 C8 1936

Brecht, Bertol


PT 2603 .R397 L415 1966

Brenton, Howard & Hare, David


PR 6052 .R426 P7 1986

Brooks, James L.

The Screenplay of Broadcast News

PN 1997 .B748 1988

The Brothers Capek

R.U.R & The Insect Play

PG 5038 .C3 R6 1991

Busch, Charles
Red Scare on Sunset
PS 3552 .U813 R43 1991

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Carmichael, Fred

He's Having a Baby

PS 3505 .A7267 H47 1953

Cawley, A.C.

Everyman and Midieval Miracle Plays (2 Copies)

PR 1260 .E9 1990

Cref, Bennett A. & Cartmell, Van H.

Fifteen Famous European Plays

PN 6111 .C4 1943

Cref, Bennett & Cartmell, Van H.

24 Favorite One-Act Plays (2 Copies)

PS 634 .C43 1963

Chase, Mary


PS 3505 .H478 B4

Chase, Mary

Mrs. McThing

PS 3505 .H478 M5 1952

Chayefsky, Paddy


PS 3505 .H632 G5 1962

Chayefsky, Paddy

The Latent Heterosexual

PS 3505 .H632 L3 1967

Chayefsky, Paddy

The Tenth Man

PS 3505 .H632 T4

Chayefsky, Paddy

The Collected Works of Paddy Chayefsky: The Stage Plays

PS 3505 .H632 A6 1995

Chekhov, Anton

The Cherry Orchard (3 Copies)

PG 3456 .V5 Y3 1965

Chin, Daryl

The Dialectic of Enlightenment

PS 3553 .H455 D5 1982

Chodorov, Jerome

Anniversary Waltz

PS 3505 .H812 A8

Christie, Agatha

The Mousetrap (2 Copies)

PR 6005 .H66 M6 1954

Christie, Agatha

Ten Little Indians

PR 6005 .H66 A85 1946

Christie, Agatha

Witness for the Prosecution

PR 6005 .H66 W58 1954

Churchill, Caryl

Far Away

PR 6053.H786 F3 2000

Churchill, Caryl

Mad Forest & The Skriker

PR 6053 .H786 M33 1993

Clayes, Stanley & Spencer, David

Contemporary Drama: 13 Plays

PN 6112 .C57 1962

Clurman, Harold

Famous American Plays of the 1930's

PS 634 .C57 1959

Coburn, D.L.

The Gin Game

PS 3553 .O233 G5 1977

Cohen, Helen Louise

One-Act Plays by Modern Authors

PR 1272 .C65 1921

Cohen, Robert

Eight Plays for Theatre

PN 6112 .E34 1988

Comden, Betty & Green, Adolph

Bells are Ringing

ML 50 .S955 B4 1957

Costigan, James

Little Moon of Alban

PS 3553 .O68 L5 1961

Coward, Noel

Nude With Violin

PR 6005 .O85 N8 1958

Coward, Noel


PR 6005 .O85 1931

Coward, Noel

Present Laughter

PR 6005 .O85 P65 1976

Coward, Noel

Private Lives

PR 6005 .O85 P7 1983

Coward, Noel

Three Plays

PR 6005 .O85 A19 1997

Cox, Gerard Anthony

The Angel's Share

PS 3553.O69 A53 1992

Cox, Gerard Anthony

Lead Me Home

PS 3553 .O69 L42 1993

Cox, Gerard Anthony

Penny Stealers

PS 3553 .O69 P46 1992

Cox, Gerard Anthony

For Second Springs

PS 3553 .O9186 F67 1989

Crawford, Robert W.

In Art We Trust

PN 6111 .B46 1986

Cristopher, Michael

The Shadow Box

PS 3553 .R533 S5 1978

Crosby, Millard

Who Murdered Who?

PS 3505 .R8845 W5 1941

Cross, Beverly

Half a Sixpence

ML 50 .H503 H3 1967

Crowley, Mart

3 Plays by Mart Crowley

PS 3553 .R6 A6 1996

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Davis, Bill C.

Dancing in the End Zone (3 Copies)

PS 3554 .A9324 D3 1985

Dickens, Charles

A Christmas Carol & The Christmas Stories

PR 4572 .C68 1994

Dixon, Michael Bigelow & Volansky, Michele

Ten-Minute Plays: Volume 3

PS 627 .O53 T46 1995

Dekker, Thomas

The Shoemakers Holiday

PR 2490 .A1 1979

Delaney, Shelagh

A Taste of Honey

PR 6007 .E327 T3 1959

Delgado, Ramon

The Best Short Plays: 1984-1985 (2 Copies)

PN 6111 .B472 1985

Delgado, Ramon

The Best Short Plays: 1986-1987

PN 6111 .B46 1986

Delgado, Ramon

The Best Short Plays: 1988-1989

PN 6111 .B4719 1989

Delgado, Ramon

The Best Short Plays: 1989

PN 6111 .B4720 1989

Delillo, Don

The Day Room (4 Copies)

PS 3554 .E37 D39 1988

Denker, Henry

A Case of Libel

PS 3507 .E5475 C3

Denker, Henry

A Far Country

PS 3507 .E5475 F3 1961

Donaghy, Emily

A Christmas Dream

Not in OCLC

Dorfman, Ariel

Death and the Maiden

PR 9309 .9 .D67 D4 1992

Driver, Donald

In the Sweet Bye and Bye

PS 3554 .R5 I55 1982

Dudzick, Tom


PS 3554 .U313 G74 1992

Dudzick, Tom

Breaking Legs

PS 3554 .U4 B76 1992

Durang, Christopher

Christopher Durange Explains It All For You: Six Plays

PS 3554 .U666 A6 1983

Durang, Christopher

Laughing Wild

PS 3554 .U666 B34 1989

Durang, Christopher

The Marriage of Bette & Boo

PS 3554 .U666 M3 1985

Durang, Christopher

Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All for You & The Actor's Nightmare

PS 3554 .U666 S57 1981

Durang, Christopher

Twenty-Seven Short Plays

PS 3554 .U666 A6 1995

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Edgar, David

The Life and adventures of Nicholas Nickleby

PR 6055 .D44 L5 1982

Edson, Margaret


PS 3555 .D4845 W58 1999

Eliot, T.S.

The Cocktail Party

PS 3509 .L43 C6 1978

Eliot, T.S.

Murder in the Cathedral

PS 3509 .L43 M8 1988

England, Barry

Conduct Unbecoming (2 Copies)

PR 6055 .N4 C6 1971

Ephron, Phoebe & Henry

Take Her, She's Mine (4 Copies)

PS 3509 .P46 A7 1962


The Bacchae (2 Copies)

PA 3975 .B2 1982



PA 3975 .H4 1981


Iphigeneia in Tauris

PA 3975.I8 L3


Iphigeneia at Aulis

PA 3975 .I7 M4 1978

Feibleman, Peter S.

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

PS 3556 .E4 T5

Fields, Joseph & Chodorov, Jerome

The Ponder Heart

PS 3545 .E6 P74

Fields, Joseph & Chodorov, Jerome

Wonderful Town

ML 50 .B529 W6 1953

Foote, Horton

Collected Plays: Volume II

PS 3511 .0344 A6 1996

Foote, Horton

The Last of the Thorntons

PS 3511 .O344 L37 2000

Foote, Horton

Selected One-Act Plays

PS 3511 .0344 A6 1989

Foote, Horton

The Young Man From Atlanta (2 Copies)

PS 3511 .0344 Y6 1995

Fornes, Maria Irene

Promenade and Other Plays

PS 3556 .07344 P7 1987

Frankenstein, Louise M.

Play Readings

PS 625 .F7 1933

Frayn, Michael

Benefactors (2 Copies)

PR 6056 .R3 B4 1984

Frayn, Michael


PR 6056 .R3 C64 2000

Frayn, Michael

Noises Off

PR 6056 .R3 N6 2002

Frayn, Michael

The Two of Us: Four One-Act Plays

PR 6056 .R3 T8 1970

Freed, Donald & Stone, Arnold M.

The Last Tape (and Testament) of Richard M. Nixon

PS 3556 .R43 L37 1983

Friedman, Bruce Jay


PS 3556 .R5 S8 1971

Friel, Brian

Molly Sweeney

PR 6056 .R5 M63 1994

Friel, Brian

Philadelphia, Here I Come (4 Copies)

PR 6056 .R5 P5 1965

Frings, Ketti

Look Homeward, Angel (2 Copies)

PS 3545 .0337 L65 1958

Fry, Christopher

The Lady's Not For Burning

PR 6011 .R9 L2 1953

Fugard, Athol

Hello and Goodbye

PR 9369 .F78 H4 1971

Fugard, Athol

Master Harold. . . and the Boys

PR 9369.3 .F8 M3 1982

Fugard, Athol

My Children! My Africa!

PR 9369.3 .F8 M9 1989

Fugard, Athol

The Road to MECCA

PR 9369.3 .F8 R6 1985

Fugard, Athol

Valley Song

PR 9369.3 .F8 V35 1996

Furth, George

The Supporting Cast

PS 3556 .U77 S93 1982

Furth, George


ML 50 .S705 C6 1996

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Gallop, Donald & Wilder, A. Tappen

The Collected Short Plays of Thornton Wilder, Volume 1

PS 3545 .I345 A6 1997

Gardner, Herb

Conversations With My Father

PS 3513 .A6333 C65 1993

Gardner, Herb

I'm Not Rappaport

PS 3513 .A6333 I4 1986

Gardner, Herb

A Thousand Clowns

PS 3513 .A6333 T4 1962

Gardner, Herb

A Thousand Clowns, Thieves, & The Goodbye People

PS 3513 .A6333 A19 1976

Gassner, John

Medieval and Tudor Drama

PR 1260 .G3 1971

Gassner, John

20 Best Plays of the Modern American Theatre

PS 634 .B4 1950

Gelbert, Larry

City of Angels

ML 50 .C688 C6 1990

Genet, Jean

The Balcony

PQ 2613 .E53 B313 1960

George, Charles

The Darkest Hour (4 Copies)

PS 3513 .E563 D3 1963

George, Charles

When Shakespeare's Ladies Meet

PS 3513 .E563 W47 1969

Germain, Mark St.

Camping With Henry & Tom

PS 3569 .T122 C35 1995

Germain, Mark St.

The Gifts of the Magi

ML 50 .S18 G5 1984

Gibson, William

A Cry of Players

PS 3513 .I2824 C7 1968

Gibson, William

I Lay in Zion

PS 3513 .I2824 I2 1947

Gibson, William

The Miracle Worker (2 Copies)

PS 3513 .I2824 M5 1960

Gibson, William

The Miracle Worker & Dinny and the Witches (2 Copies)

PS 3513 .I2824 D5 1960

Gibson, William

The Miracle Worker & Monday After the Miracle (2 Copies)

PS 3513 .I2824 M5 1983

Gibson, William

Notes on How to Turn a Phoenix into Ashes

PS 3513 .I2824 G59 1978

Gibson, William

The Seesaw Log; A Chronicle of the Stage Production, with the Text of Two for the Seesaw

PS 3513 .I2824 .T6 1962

Gibson, William

Two for the Seesaw & The Seesaw Log

PS 3513 .I2824 .T6 1962

Gilman, Rebecca

Spinning into Butter

PS 3557 .I456 S66 2000

Gilroy, Frank D.

The Subject was Roses (2 Copies)

PS 3513 .I6437 S8 1962

Giraudoux, Jean

Tiger at the Gates

PQ 2613 .I74 G83 1955

Goldsmith, Clifford

What a Life (2 Copies)

PS 3513 .0342 W5 1939

Goldstone, Richard H. & Lass, Abraham H.

The Mentor Book of Short Plays

PN 6112 .G634 1969

Gorman, Thomas R.

5 Modern English Plays

Not in OCLC

Gray, Simon

The Common Pursuit

Not in OCLC

Green, Carolyn


PS 3513 .R4438 J3 1956

Greenberg, Richard

Eastern Standard

PS 3557 .R3789 E27 1989

Greenberg, Richard

Three Days of Rain and Other Plays

PS 3557.R3789 A6 1999

Green, Graham

The Complaisant Lover

PR 6013 .R44 C55 1961

Green, Graham

The Potting Shed

PR 6013 .R44 P58

Griffin, Tom

The Boys Next Door (5 Copies)

PS 3557 .R4891 B69 1988

Guare, John

The House of Blue Leaves

PS 3557 .U2 A6 1987

Guare, John

Lydie Breeze

PS 3557 .U2 L9 1982

Guare, John

Six Degrees of Separation

PS 3557 .U2 S59 1990

Guare, John

Two Plays by John Guare: The House of Blue Leaves & Chaucer in Rome

PS 3557 .U2 H6 2002

Guare, John

The War Against the Kitchen Sink: Collected Works, Vol. 1

PS 3557 .U2 W57 1996

Guernsey, Otis L. Jr.

The Best Plays of 1978-1979

PN 6112 .B47

Gurney, A.R.

A Cheever Evening

PS 3557 .U82 C53 1994

Gurney, A.R.

Collected Plays, 1974-1983

PS 3557 .U82 A6 1995 v.2

Gurney, A.R.

Collected Plays, 1984-1991

PS 3557 .U82 A6 1995 v.3

Gurney, A.R.

Collected Plays, 1992-1999

PS 3557 .U82 A6 1995 v.4

Gurney, A.R.

Later Life

PS 3557 .U82 L37 1994

Gurney, A.R.

Love Letters

PS 3557 .U83 L68 1989

Gurney, A.R.

Nine Early Plays, 1961-1973

PS 3557 .U82 A6 1995 v.1

Gurney, A.R.

The Old Boy

PS 3557 .U82 O5 1992

Gurney, A.R.

The Perfect Party

PS 3557 .U82 P47 1986

Gurney, A.R.

The Snow Ball

PS 3557 .U82 S66 1992

Gurney, A.R.

Sweet Sue

PS 3557 .U82 S84 1987

Gurney, A.R.


PS 3557 .U82 S9 1995

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Halline, Allan

Six Modern American Plays

PS 634 .S57

Halpern, Daniel

Plays in One Act

PN 6112.P58 A6 1991

Hamilton, Patrick


PR 6015.A4644 R6 1957

Hampton, Christopher

Hedda Gabler (2 Copies)

PT 8868 .A334 1972

Hanff, Helene

84, Charing Cross Road

PR 6068 .O56 A615 1983

Hansberry, Lorraine

A Raisin in the Sun (2 Copies)

PS 3515 .A515 R34 1959

Hare, David

Amy's View

PR 6058 .A678 A84 1997

Hare, David

The Asian Plays

PR 6058 .A678 A8 1986

Hare, David

The Judas Kiss

PR 6058 .A678 J83 1998

Hare, David

Racing Demon

PR 6058 .A62 R2 1991

Hare, David

The Secret Rapture

PR 6058 .A678 S4 1989

Hare, David


PR 6058 .A678 S5 1995

Hart, Moss & Kaufman, George S. The Man Who Came to Dinner

PS 3521 .A727 M3 1968

Hart, Moss & Kaufman, George S. You Can't Take it With You (4 Copies)

PS 3515 .A7943 Y6 1964

Hartog, Jan de The Fourposter

PR 6015 .A674 F6 1952

Havel, Vaclav The Garden Party and Other Plays

PG 5039.18 .A9 A2 1993

Harvel, Vaclav Largo Desolato (3 Copies)

PG 5039.18 .A9 L3713 1987

Hawkridge, Winifred The Florist Shop

PS 3515 .A89 1926

Hayes, Joseph Calculated Risk (2 Copies)

PS 3515 .A942 C3 1963

Hayes, Joseph The Desperate Hours

PS 3515 .A942 D4

Hecht, Ben & MacArthur, Charles The Front Page (4 Copies)

PS 3515 .E18 F7 1955

Hellman, Lilian et al


ML 50 .B529 C3 1957

Hellman, Lillian The Collected Plays of Lillian Hellman

PS 3515 .E343 A6 1972

Hellman, Lillian Toys in the Attic

PS 3515 .E343 T6 1960

Hellman, Lillian The Children's Hour

PS 3515 .E343 C5 1961

Hellman, Lillian

The Little Foxes

Not in OCLC

Henley, Beth Crimes of the Heart

PS 3558 .E4962 C7 1982

Henley, Beth The Miss Firecracker Contest

PS 3558 .E4962 M5 1985

Herlihy, James Leo & Noble, William Blue Denim

PS 3515 .E6325 B6 1958

Hewes, Henry Famous American Plays of the 1940s

PS 634 .H47 1983

Hewes, Henry & Strasberg, Lee Famous American Plays of the 1940s and 1950s

PS 634 .H48 1988

Hill, Gary Leon Food from Trash

PS 3558 .I44 F66 1983

Horovitz, Israel An Israel Horovitz Trilogy

PS 3558 .O69 I78 1987

Horovitz, Israel The Primary English Class and Six New Plays

PS 3558 .O69 P7 1997

Horovitz, Israel Three Gloucester Plays

PS 3558.O69 A6 1992

Howard, Sidney The Silver Cord (2 Copies)

PS 3515 .O847 S5 1955

Howe, Tina Painting Churches

PS 3558 .O894 P148 1984

Hwang, David Fob and Other Plays

PS 3558 .W83 F6 1990

Hwang, David M. Butterfly

PS 3558 .W83 M2 1988

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Ibsen, Henrik A Doll's House

PT 8861 .A31 1992

Ibsen, Henrik An Enemy of the People (2 Copies)

PT 8862 .A2 M55 1951

Ibsen, Henrik Four Great Plays by Henrik Isben (3 Copies)

PT 8854 .S53 1981

Ibsen, Henrik Ibsen's Plays: Complete and Unabridged

Not in OCLC

Ibsen, Henrik Little Eyolf: The Plays of Ibsen

PT 8873 .A3 1961

Inge, William Bus Stop

PS 3517 .N265 A5 1958

Inge, William The Dark at the Top of the Stairs (4 Copies)

PS 3517.N265 D3 1960

Inge, William Eleven Short Plays by William Inge

PS 3517 .N265 A6 1962

Inge, William Four Plays by William Inge

PS 3517.N265 A6 1990

Inge, William Picnic

PS 3517 .N265 P5 1953

Innaurato, Albert Gemini (2 Copies)

PS 3559 .N46 G4 1977

Ionesco, Eugene Rhinoceros

PQ 2617 .O6 R5 1960

Ives, David

Time Flies and Other Plays

PS 3559 .V435 T5 2001

Jennings, Gertrude E. The Bathroom Door (2 Copies)

PR 6019 .E54 B3 1943

Jordan, Neil Michael Collins

PN 1997 .M43683 J67 1996

Kanin, Garson Born Yesterday

PS 3521 .A45 B6 1989

Kaufman, Garson A Gift of Time

PS 3521 .A45 G5

Kaufman, Moises Gross Indecency

PR 9333 .9.K38 G76 1997

Kellogg, Marjorie Tell Me That You Love Me Junie Moon

PS 3561 .E373 T4 1968

Kelly, Tim Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs; The Musical (3 Copies)

PS 3561 .E395 S66 1994

Kelly, Tim The Wonderful World of Oz (2 Copies)

PS 3561 .E395 W6 1977

Kernan, Alvin B. Classics of the Modern Theater: Realism & After

PN 6112 .K42 1965

Kerr, Jean & Walter Goldilocks

PS 3521 .E744 G64 1958

Kerr, Jean Mary, Mary

PS 3521 .E744 M3

Kerr, Jean Our Hearts Were Young and Gay

PS 3537 .K533 O86 1946

Keveson, Peter How Much, How Much?

PN 6120 .A52 K4944 1970

Keveson, Peter Nellie Toole & Co.

PS 3561 .E75 N4 1974

Kilty, Jerome Dear Love

PR 6021 .I262 D5 1970

Kilty, Jerome Dear Liar

PR 6021 .I262 D4 1960

Kirkpatrick, John Sleeping Dogs

PS 3521 .I717 S55 1939

Knott, Frederick Dial 'M' for Murder

PS 3521 .N66 D5 1953

Kopit, Arthur End of the World

PS 3561 .O646 E5 1984

Kopit, Arthur The Day the Whores Came Out to Play Tennis

PS 3561 .O646 D3 1965

Korder, Howard Search and Destroy

PS 3561 .O6567 S4 1992

Kramm, Joseph The Shrike

PS 3521 .R37 S5 1952

Krasna, Norman Kind Sir

PS 3521 .R45 K5 1954

Krasna, Norman Sunday in New York

PS 3521 .R45 S8 1962

Kroetz, Franz Xaver Mensch Meier (2 Copies)

PT 2671 .R59 M413 1983

Kruckemeyer, Erna And He Came to His Father

PN 6120 .R4 K7 1927

Kurnitz, Harry Reclining Figure

PS 3521 .U723 R4

Kurnitz, Henry A Shot in the Dark

PS 3521 .U723 S4

Kushner, Tony Angels in America: Part One Millennuim Approaches

PS 3561 .U778 A85 1993

Kushner, Tony Angels in America: Part Two Perestroika Not in OCLC
Kushner, Tony A Bright Room Called Day

PS 3561 .U778 B7 1994

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LaBute, Neil Bash

PS 3562 .A237 B27 1999

LaBute, Neil

The Distance From Here

PS 3612 .A28 D57 2003

Lampell, Millard The Wall

PS 3523 .A4482 W3 1964

Lamos, Mark Love's Fire: Seven New Plays Inspired by Seven Shakespearean Sonnets

PS 634 .L68 1998

Lapine & Sondheim

Sunday in the Park with George

ML 50 .S705 S8 1986

Latouche, John & Moross, Jerome The Golden Apple

ML 50 .M873 G6 1954

Laurents, Arthur A Clearing in the Woods

PS 3523 .A827 C5

Laurents, Arthur Gypsy

ML 50 .S955 G9 1960

Laurents, Arthur The Time of the Cuckoo

PS 3523 .A827 T5

Lawler, Ray Summer of the Seventeenth Doll

PR 6023 .A915 S8 1957a

Lawrence, Jerome & Lee, Robert E. Auntie Mame

PS 3539 .A5175 A85 1957

Lawrence, Jerome & Lee, Robert E. The Gangs All Here (4 Copies)

PS 3523 .A934 G3 1960

Lawrence, Jerome & Lee, Robert E. Inherit the Wind

PS 3523 .A934 I6

Lederer, Charles & Davis, Luther Kismet

ML 50 .W9468 K5 1954

Lee, James Career

PS 3523 .E342 C3

Leight, Warren Side Man (2 copies)

PS 3562 .E458 S5 1998

Leonard, Hugh The Au Pair Man

PR 6062 .E7 A9 1974

Leonard, Hugh Da (2 Copies)

PR 6062 .E7 D2 1978

Lerner, Alan Jay Camelot

ML 50 .L8256 C3 1961

Lerner, Alan Jay My Fair Lady

ML 50 .L8256 M9 1956

Lerner, Alan Jay Paint Your Wagon

ML 50 .L8256 P3 1952

Levertt, James TCG: New Plays USA

PS 351 .N4 1982

Levin, Ira Critic's Choice

PS 3523 .E7993 C7

Levin, Ira Deathtrap

PS 3523 .E7993 D4 1979

Levin, Ira No Time for Sergeants

PS 3515 .Y68 N62

Levinson, Barry Avalon, Tin Men, and Dinner

PS 3562 .E9213 A95 1990

Levitt, Saul The Andersonville Trial

PS 3523 .E8412 A8

Lillo, George The London Merchant

PR 3541 .L5 A7 1965

Lindsay, Howard & Crouse, Russel The Great Sebastians

PS 3523 .I575 G7 1956

Lindsay, Howard & Crouse, Russel Happy Hunting

ML 50 .K25 H3 1957

Lindsay, Howard & Crouse, Russel The Prescott Proposals

PS 3523 .I575 P7

Lindsay, Howard & Crouse, Russel Remains to be Seen

PS 3523 .I575 R4 1951

Lindsay, Howard & Crouse, Russel Tall Story

PS 3523 .I575 T3 1959

Lonergan, Kenneth

This is Our Youth

PS 3562 .O4886 T47 2000

Lucas, Craig Reckless & Blue Window

PS 3562 .U233 A6 1989

Lucas, Craig The Dying Gaul

PS 3562 .U233 D9 1998

Luce, William Barrymore

PS 3562 .U254 B27 1996

Ludwig, Ken Lend Me a Tenor (5 Copies)

PS 3562 .U2957 L4 1988

Ludwig, Ken Moon Over Buffalo (2 Copies)

PS 3562 .U295 M6 1995

Luke, Peter Hadrian VII

PR 6062 .U4 H3 1969

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MacDonough, Glen Babes in Toyland

M 1503 .H535 B23 1954

MacGowan, Kenneth Famous American Plays of the 1920s

PS 634 .M3 1983

Machado, Eduardo The Modern Ladies of Guanabacoa

PS 3563 .A31154 M6 1983

Mamet, David American Buffalo (2 Copies)

PS 3563 .A4345 A83 1996

Mamet, David

American Buffalo

PS 3563 .A4345 A8 1977

Mamet, David Glengarry Glen Ross (3 Copies)

PS 3563 .A4345 G57 1983

Mamet, David The Hero Pony Poems

PS 3563 .A4345 H47 1990

Mamet, David Homicide

PN 1997 .H616 1992

Mamet, David House of Games: The Complete Screenplay

PN 1997 .H7115 1987

Mamet, David A Life in the Theatre

PS 3563 .A4345 L5 1977

Mamet, David The Old Neighborhood

PS 3563 .A4345 O37 1998

Mamet, David Oleanna

PS 3563 .A4345 O4 1993b

Mamet, David Reunion

PS 3563 .A4345 A6 1982

Mamet, David Short Plays and Monologues

PS 3563 .A4345 A6 1981

Mamet, David Some Freaks

PS 3563 .A4345 S62 1989

Mamet, David Speed the Plow

PS 3563 .A4345 S64 1987

Mamet, David, Bossone, Bill & Long, Katherine The Ensemble Studio Theatre: Marathon '84

PS 3563 .A4345 C6 1985

Marber, Patrick Closer

PR 6063 .A614 C57 1999

Margulies, Donald Collected Stories

PS 3563 .A653 C65 1998

Marguiles, Donald

Dinner With Friends

PS 3563 .A653 D56 2000

Margulies, Donald The Loman Family Picnic

PS 3563 .A653 L66 1994

Marlowe, Christopher Doctor Faustus

PR 2664 .A1 1969

Marlowe, Christopher Five Plays

PR 2661 .ES 1960

Martin, Steve Picasso at the Lapin Agile & Other Plays

PS 3563 .A7293 P53 1996

Masteroff, Joe She Loves Me (2 Copies)

ML 50 .B6745 S52 1993

ML 50 .B6745 S52 1990

Maurette, Marcelle Anastasia

PQ 2625 .A925 A78 1955

Maugham, W.S. Somerset The Constant Wife

PR 6025 .A86 C6 1927

Marx, Robert Famous American Plays of the 1980s (2 Copies)

PS 634 .F32 1988

May, Elaine & Arkin, Alan Power Plays

PS 3563 .A94 P69 1997

McCarthy, Brian Mrs. O'Leary's Cow

PS 3525 .A1395 M5 1938

McCullers, Carson The Ballad of the Sad Cafe

PS 3551 .L25 B35 1963

McCullers, Carson The Member of the Wedding

PS 3525 .A1772 M4 1946

McDonagh, Martin The Cripple of Inishmaan

PR 6063 .C377 C75 1998

McGuinness, Frank Electra

PA 4414 .E5 M26 1998

McGuinness, Frank

Someone Who'll Watch Over Me

PR 6063 .C515 S65 1992

McMullen, J.C. A Grand Evening

PS 3525 .A2777 G7 1925

McNally, Terrence Corpus Christi

PS 3563 .A323 C67 1999

McNally, Terrence It's Only a Play

PS 3563 .A323 I8 1986

McNally, Terrence Lips Together, Teeth Apart

PS 3563 .A323 L48 1992

McNally, Terrence The Lisbon Traviata

PS 3563 .A323 L5 1990

McNally, Terrence Love!  Valour!  Compassion! (2 Copies)

PS 3563 .A323 L6 1995

McNally, Terrence Master Class (3 Copies)

PS 3563 .A323 M37 1995

McNamara, Brooks Plays from the Contemporary American Theatre

PS 634 .P614 1988

McNeil, Beatrice Humiston Elmer and the Lovebug

PS 3525 .A2797 E45 1942

McPherson, Conor The Weir and Other Plays

PR 6063 .C73 W45 1999

McPherson, Scott Marvin's Room

PS 3563 .C394 M37 1992

Medoff, Mark Children of a Lesser God (2 Copies)

PS 3563 .E27 C47 1980

PS 3563 .E27 C48 1980

Michaels, Sidney Dylan

PS 3563 .I3 D9 1964

Millar, Ronald The Affair

PR 6025 .I6215 A75 1962

Miller, Arthur After the Fall

PS 3525 .I5156 A66 1964

Miller, Arthur All My Sons (2 Copies)

PS 3525 .I5156 A7 1974 c.1-c.2

Miller, Arthur The American Clock & The Arch-Bishop's Ceiling (2 Copies)

PS 3525 .I5156 A88 1989

Miller, Arthur The Crucible (2 Copies)

PS 3525 .I5156 C7 1977

PN 1997 .C883 1996

Miller, Arthur Danger: Memory!

PS 3525 .I5156 D28 1986

Miller, Arthur Death of a Salesman (3 Copies)

PS 3525 .I5156 D428 1965

Miller, Arthur Death of a Salesman PS 3525 .I5156 D4 1976
Miller, Arthur Death of a Salesman (Acting Edition)

PS 3525 .I5156 D42 1980

Miller, Arthur Death of a Salesman (50th Anniversary Edition)

PS 3525 .I5156 D427 1999

Miller, Arthur Death of a Salesman (Text and Criticism) PS 3525 .I5156 D43 1985
Miller, Arthur Everybody Wins (screenplay)

PN 1997 .E93 1990

Miller, Arthur The Misfits

PS 3525 .I5156 M5 1961

Miller, Arthur

The Prince

PS 3525 .I5156 P74 1985

Miller, Arthur

The Prince

PS 3525 .I5156 P7 1969

Miller, Arthur The Ride Down Mt. Morgan (2 Copies)

PS 3525 .I5156 R5 1992

PS 3525 .I5156 R52 1991

Miller, Arthur A View From the Bridge

PS 3525 .I5156 V53 1957

Moffett, Marjorie Thus Play I In One Person Many People

PN 4306 .M6 M583 1942

Moliere The Miser

PQ 1827 .A4 1942

Moon, Gerald Corpse

PR 6063 .O582 C6 1985

Morin, Michael Tallahassee

PS 3563 .O872 T3 1981

Morrell, J.M. Four English Comedies

PR 1248 .F68 1981

Morris, Richard The Unsinkable Molly Brown

ML 50 .W685 U5 1961

Morris, Vera Jack and the Magic Beans (5 Copies)

PS 3561 .E395 J3 1991 C.1-C.5

Morris, Vera My Name is Rumpelstiltskin (5 Copies)

PS 3561 .E395 M9 1990

Mosel, Tad All the Way Home (2 Copies)

PS 3525 .O847 A7 1961

Mueller, Lavonne Little Victories

PS 3563 .U45 L5 1981

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Nash, N. Richard The Rainmaker

PS 3527 .A6365 R34 1955

Nelson, Richard

New England

PS 3564 .E4747 N4 1994

Nelson, Richard

Some Americans Abroad

PS 3564 .E4747 S6 1989

Nelson, Richard Strictly Dishonorable & Other Lost American Plays

PS 634 .S86 1986

Newton, Ruth Jack and the Giant

PN 6120 .C4 N488 1962

Nichols, Peter A Day in the Death of Joe Egg (2 Copies)

PR 6064 .I2 D38 1967

Nicholson, William Shadowlands

PR 6064 .I235 S5 1989

Norman, Marc & Stoppard, Tom Shakespeare in Love: A Screenplay

PN 1997 .S3836 1998

O'Casey, Sean Pictures in the Hallway

PR 6029 .C33 Z56 1949

PR 3537 .H999 P52 1956

O'Casey, Sean Three Plays

PR 6029 .C33 T48 1966

Odets, Clifford Golden Boy (7 Copies)

PS 3529 .D46 G6 1964

O'Hara, John Pal Joey

PS 3529 .H29 P34 1952

O'Hara, John Mrs. Murphy's Chowder!

PN 6120 .A5 O26 1945

O'Neill, Eugene Ah, Wilderness!

PS 3529 .N5 A7 1934

O'Neill, Eugene Beyond the Horizon (7 Copies)

PS 3529 .N5 B49 1947 C.1-C.5

O'Neill, Eugene Desire Under the Elms, Strange Interlude, & Mourning BecomesElectra (2 Copies)

PS 3529 .N5 A6 1958

O'Neill, Eugene The Iceman Cometh

PS 3529 .N5 I3 1946

O'Neill, Eugene Long Days Journey Into Night

PS 3529 .N5 L66 1989

O'Neill, Eugene A Moon for the Misbegotten

PS 3529 .N5 M68 1974

O'Neill, Eugene A Touch of the Poet (3 Copies)

PS 3529 .N5 T6 1973

O'Neill, Eugene Selected Plays of Eugene O'Neill

PS 3529 .N5 A19 1967

O'Neill, Eugene Ten "Lost" Plays

PS 3529 .N5 A66 1995

Orton, Joe The Complete Plays

PR 6065 .R7 A19 1976

Osborn, Paul Animal Farm (Adapted by Nelson Bond)

PS 3503 .O4286 A8

Osborn, Paul Point Of No Return

PS 3525 .A6695 P66 1952

Osborne, John Look Back in Anger (2 Copies)

PR 6065 .S18 L66 1963

Osborne, John Luther (2 Copies)

PR 6065 .S18 L87 1963

PR 6065 .S18 L8 1961

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Parker, Dorothy Here We Are (2 Copies)

PS 3531 .A5855 H4 1931 C.1-C.5

Patrick, John The Teahouse of the August Moon

PS 3566 .A78 T4 1952

Pillot, Eugene Two Crooks and a Lady

PN 6120 .A52 P558 1946

Pinter, Harold Ashes to Ashes

PR 6066 .I53 A9 1996

Pinter, Harold The Birthday Party (4 Copies)

PR 6066 .I53 B5 1988

Pinter, Harold The Homecoming (2 Copies)

PR 6066 .I53 H6 1966

Pinter, Harold Moonlight

PR 6066 .I53 M63 1994

Pinter, Harold The Birthday Party & The Room

PR 6066 .I53 B57 1968

Pinter, Harold A Slight Ache, The Collection, & The Dwarfs

Not in OCLC

Pirandello, Luigi Naked Masks: Five Plays by Luigi Pirandello

PQ 4835 .I7 A27 1952

Potts, L.J. The Theories, Styles, and Development of Comedy from Chaucer to Shaw

PR 932 .P6 1966

Press, Stephen M. The Last Carnival

PS 3566 .R3697 L3 1991

Quintana, Ricardo 18th Century Plays

PR 1269 .E35 1952

Rabe, David The Basic Training of Pavlo Hummel & Sticks and Bones

PS 3568 .A23 B3 1978

Rabe, David Sticks and Bones

PS 3568 .A23 S8 1987

Rand, Ayn Night of January 16th

PS 3535 .A547 N5 1964

Raphaelson, Samson Hilda Crane

PS 3535 .A66 H5 1951

Rattigan, Terence Ross (2 Copies)

PR 6035 .A75 R6 1962

Rattigan, Terence Separate Tables

PR 6035 .A75 S4 1955

Rattigan, Terence Winslow boy, The PR 6035 .A75 W55 1946
Reeve, Franklin D. Contemporary Russian Drama

PG 3245 .R42 1968

Reynolds, Jonathan Geniuses

PS 3568 .E893 G4 1983

Reza, Yasmina Art

PQ 2678 .E955 A88135 1996

Ribman, Ronald Buck 1983

PS 3568 .I2 B8

Ribman, Ronald Cold Storage

PS 3568 .I2 C6 1978b

Rice, Elmer The Adding Machine

PS 3535 .I224 A7 1956

Rice, Tim & Webber, Andrew Lloyd Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

ML 50 .L804 J7 1982

Robbins, Tim Cradle Will Rock: The Movie and the Moment

PN 1997 .C848 R63 2000

Robert, Henry M. Robert's Rules of Order Revised

JF 515 .R65 1951

Rodgers, Richard & Hammerstein, Oscar The King and I

ML 50 .R67 K5 1951

Rodgers, Richard & Hammerstein, Oscar Me and Juliet

ML 50 .R67 M4 1953

Rodgers, Richard & Taylor, Samuel No Strings

ML 50 .R67 N6 1962

Rolland, Romain The Wolves

PQ 2635 .O5 L72 1937

Ross, Audrey & William Speaking of Murder

PS 3535 .O5466 S6

Rose, Reginald Twelve Angry Men PS 3535 .O666 T9 1995
Rosenthal, Pat The Princess and the Pea PZ 105 .P69 R6
Ryerson, Florence & Clements, Colin That's Hollywood

PS 3535 .Y5 T45

Rudnick, Paul I Hate Hamlet

PS 3568 .U334 I2 1992

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Salgado, Gamini Three Jacobean Tragedies

PR 1263 .S25

Schary, Dore The Devil's Advocate

PR 6045 .E77 D435 1961

Schary, Dore Sunrise at Campobello

PS 3537 .C253 S8 1958

Schiff, Ellen Awake and Singing: Seven Classical Plays from the American JewishRepertoire

PS 628 .A47 A93 1995

Schisgal, Murray The Typists and the Tiger

PS 3569 .C5 T9

Schulberg, Budd & Breit, Harvey The Disenchanted

PS 3537 .C7114 D5

Scott, Douglas Mountain

PS 3569 .C6157 M68 1990b

Shaffer, Peter Amadeus

PR 6037 .H23 A8 1984

Shaffer, Peter Equus

PR 6037 .H23 E6 1977

Shaffer, Peter Five Finger Exercise

PR 6037 .H23 F5 1958

Shaffer, Peter The Private Ear & The Public Eye

PR 6037 .H23 P7 1964

Shaffer, Peter The Royal Hunt of the Sun

PR 6037 .H23 R6 1964

Shaffer, Peter The White Liars and Black Comedy (3 Copies)

PR 6037 .H23 W5 1968 c.1-c.3

Shakespeare, William A Midsummer Night's Dream

PR 2820 .A2 B48 1988

Shakespeare, William As You Like It

PR 2803 .A2 S27 1970

Shakespeare, William Hamlet (screenplay, introduction, and film diary - Kenneth Branagh)

PN 1997 .H254 B7 1996

Shakespeare, William Henry IV (Parts I and II)

PR 2810 .A23 1979

PR 2810 .A24 1979

Shakespeare, William Henry V

PR 2812 .A2 T28 1984

Shakespeare, William Henry the Eighth

PR 2817 .A2 H6 1981

Shakespeare, William King Lear (2 Copies)

PR 2819 .A25 D87 1986

PR 2819 .A2 H85 1972

Shakespeare, WIlliam Julius Caesar

PR 2808 .A2 J6 1971

Shakespeare, William Measure for Measure

PR 2824 .A2 B3 1970

Shakespeare, William Much Ado About Nothing

PR 2828 .A2 M6 1993

Shakespeare, William Much Ado About Nothing (screen play, introduction, and notes on themaking of the movie by Kenneth Branagh)

PN 1997 .M793 B7 1993

Shakespeare, William Richard II (2 Copies)

PR 2820 .A23 1978

PR 2820 .A2 B63 1970

Shakespeare, William Romeo and Juliet

PR 2831 .A2 H3 1971

Shakespeare, William Twelfth Night

PR 2837 .A1 1980

Stanley, John Patrick Welcome to the Moon (2 Copies)

PS 3569 .H3337 W4 1985 c.1-c.2

Stanley, John Patrick 13 by Shanley

PS 3569 .H3337 A19 v.1

Shaw, Bernard The Apple Cart (3 Copies)

PR 5363 .A87 1956 c.1-c.3

Shaw, Bernard Arms and the Man & John Bull's Other Island

PR 5363 .A88 1960

Shaw, Bernard The Devil's Disciple

PR 5363 .D4 1955

Shaw, Bernard Pygmalion

PR 5363 .P8 1975

Shaw, Bernard Saint Joan

PR 5363 .S 1974

Shaw, Bernard Caesar and Cleopatra & Shakespeare's Anthony and Cleopatra

PR 5363 .615 1952

Shaw, Bernard Selected Plays

PR 5361 .F81 1981

Shaw, Bernard Seven plays by Bernard Shaw

PR 5360 .F51 1951

Shaw, Robert The Man in the Glass Booth

PR 6069 .H39 M36 1968

Shawn, Wallace Aunt Dan and Lemon

PS 3569 .H387 A9 1985

Shawn, Wallace The Designated Mourner

PS 3569 .H387 D47 1996

Shawn, Wallace & Gregory, Andre My Dinner With Andre

PN 1996 .M89 1981

Shay, Frank & Loving, Pierre Fifty Contemporary One-Act Plays

PN 6112 .S5 1921

Shepard, Sam Buried Child (2 Copies)

PS 3569 .H394 B87 1997 c.1-c.2

Shepard, Sam Simpatico

PS 3569 .H394 S56 1996

Shepard, Sam True West (2 Copies)

PS 3569 .H45 T75 1981 c.1-c.2

Shepard, Sam The Unseen Hand

PS 3569 .H394 U5 1996

Sherman, James Beau Jest

PS 3569 .H426 B42 1990

Sherriff, R.C. Journey's End

PR 6037 .H513 J6 1983

Sherwood, Robert Emmet The Petrified Forest

PS 3537 .H825 P4 1962

Shue, Larry Wenceslas Square

PS 3569 .H763 W46 1988

Shulman, Max & Smith, Robert Paul The Tender Trap

PS 3537 .H9919 T4

Sills, Paul Paul Sills Story Theatre: Four Shows

PS 3569 .I449 P38 2000

Silver Nicky Etiquette and Vitriol

PS 3569 .I4712 A6 1996

Simon, Neil Barefoot in the Park

PS 3537 .I663 B3

Simon, Neil Biloxi Blues

PS 3537 .I663 B55 1986

Simon, Neil Brighton Beach Memoirs (2 Copies)

PS 3537 .I663 B7x 1984b c.1-c.2

Simon, Neil Broadway Bound (4 Copies)

PS 3537 .I663 B73 1987 c.1-c.2

Simon, Neil Come Blow Your Horn

PS 3537 .I663 C6 1963

Simon, Neil

The Dinner Party

PS 3537 .I663 D56 2000

Simon, Neil Laughter on the 23rd Floor

PS 3537 .I663 L38 1995

Simon, Neil Lost in Yonkers

PS 3537 .I663 L67 1992

Simon, Neil Plaza Suite (2 Copies)

PS 3537 .I663 P6 1969b

PS 3527 .I663 P6

Simon, Neil Proposals

PS 3537 .I663 P76 1998

Simon, Neil Rumors

PS 3537 .I663 R8 1990

Simon, Neil The Collected Plays of Neil Simon Vol. II

PS 3537 .I663 A6 1979a

Simon, Neil The Collected Plays of Neil Simon Vol. III

PS 3537 .I663 A6 1971

Simon, Neil The Collected Plays of Neil Simon Vol. IV

PS 3537 .I663 A6 1998

Smith, Marisa Humana Festival '93: The Complete Plays (2 Copies)

PS 634 .H85 1993 c.1-c.2

Smith, Marisa Humana Festival '94: The Complete Plays

PS 634 .H86 1994

Smith, Marisa Humana Festival '95: The Complete Plays

PS 634 .H862 1995

Smith, Marisa Marathon 1994: One-Act Plays (3 Copies)

PS 627 .O53 E88 1994 c.1-c.3

Smith, Marisa Marathon 1995: One-Act Plays (3 Copies)

PS 627 .O53 E882 1995 c.1-c.3

Smith, Marisa Women Playwrights: The Best Plays of 1994

PS 628 .W6 W668 1994

Smith, Marisa Women Playwrights: The Best Plays of 1995

PS 628 .W6 W668 1995

Smith, Wm. H. The Drunkard

PS 2878 .S357 D7 1900

Sondheim, Stephen & Furth, George Getting Away with Murder

PS 3569 .O65378 G48 1997

Sondheim, Stephen & Lapine, James Into the Woods (2 Copies)

ML 50 .S705 I5 1989 c.1-c.2

Sondheim, Stephen & Lapine, James Passion

ML 50 .S705 P37 1994

Sophocles The Oedipus Cycle

PA 4414 .A2 F534 1949

Sorkin, Aaron A Few Good Men

PS 3569 .O68 F4 1990

Soyinka, Wole Death and the King's Horseman

PR 9387 .9 .S6 D4 1987

Spewack, Sam & Bella My 3 Angels

PS 3537 .P543 M9 1953

Spewack, Samuel Two Blind Mice

PS 3537 .P543 T9 1949

Spigelgass, Leonard Dear Me, The Sky is Falling

PS 3537 .P645 D4

Spigelgass, Leonard A Majority of One

PS 3537 .P645 M3

Stavis, Barrie Lamp at Midnight

PS 3537 .T23 L3

Stein, Howard & Young, Glenn The Best American Short Plays: 1995-97

PN 6111 .B471 1997

Stein, Joseph & Glickman, Will Plain and Fancy

ML 50 .H146 P6 1955

Steinbeck, John The Grapes of Wrath (a Frank Galati play)

PS 3557 .A3927 J6 1990

Stern, Stewart No Tricks in My Pocket

PN 1997 .G533 S74 1989

Sterne, Richard L. John Gielgud Directs Richard Burton in Hamlet: A Journal of Rehearsals

PR 3112 .S7 1967

Sterner, Jerry Other People's Money

PS 3569 .T4325 O8 1990

Stoppard, Tom Arcadia

PR 6069 .T6 A84 1993

Stoppard, Tom Artist Descending a Staircase

PR 6069 .T6 A89 1988

Stoppard, Tom Hapgood

PR 6069 .T6 H37 1994

Stoppard, Tom Indian Ink PR 6069 .T6 I64 1995
Stoppard, Tom The Real Thing

PR 6069 .T6 R43 1984

Stoppard, Tom The Real Inspector Hound & After Magritte

PR 6069 .T6 R4 1975

Stoppard, Tom Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

PR 6069 .T6 R6 1967

Stoppard, Tom Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead PR 6069 .T6 R6 1968
Stoppard, Tom Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead: The Film

PR 6069 .T6 R6 1991

Strasberg, Lee Famous American Plays of the 1950s (2 Copies)

PS 634 .S85 1969

Strindberg, August Strindberg's One-Act Plays PT 9811 .A3 P3 1969
Strindberg, August Seven Plays by August Strindberg

PT 9811 .A3 P3 1968

Strindberg, August The Plays of Strindberg: Volume I

PT 9811 .A3 M4 1964

Swortzell, Lowell The Twelve Plays of Christmas

PS 627 .657 T88 2000

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Tally, Ted Little Footsteps

PS 3570 .A42 L57 1981

Taylor, Samuel The Pleasure of His Company

PS 3539 .A967 P55

Taylor, Samuel Sabrina Fair PS3539 .A967 S3 1954
Teichmann, Howard & Kaufman, George S. The Solid Gold Cadillac

PS 3539 .E24 S6

Tesich, Steve The Speed of Darkness

PS 3570 .E8 S7 1991

Thomas, Dylan Under Milk Wood

PR 6039 .H52 U6 1975

Thompson, Elizabeth O. Men Don't Change

PS 3039 .H6575 M4 1939

Thompson, Ernest On Golden Pond

PS 3570 .H599 O5 1979

Thompson, Ernest The West Side Waltz

PS 3570 .H599 W4 1982

Uhry, Alfred

Driving Miss Daisy

PS 3571 .H7 d7 1988

Uhry, Alfred

The Last Night of Ballyhoo

PS 3571 .H7 L37 1997

Ustinov, Peter The Love of Four Colonels

PR 6041 .S73 L6 1953

Ustinov, Peter Photo Finish

PR 6041 .S73 P5 1963

Ustinov, Peter Romanoff and Juliet

PR 6041 .S73 R65 1957

Ustinov, Peter Romanoff and Juliet (2 Copies)

PR 6041 .S73 R6 1958

Ustinov, Peter The Unknown Soldier and His Wife

PR 6041 .S73 U5 1966

Van Doren, Mark The Last Days of Lincoln

PS 3543 .A557 L27 1959

Van Druten, John I Am a Camera

PS 3543 .A558 I2

Van Zandt, William & Milmore, Jane Love, Sex, and the I.R.S.

PS 3572 .A64 L6 1980

Vidal, Gore The Best Man

PS 3543 .I26 B4 1960

Vidal, Gore Visit to a Small Planet

PS 3543 .I 26 V52

Warren, Robert Penn & Erskine, Albert Six Centuries of Great Poetry

PR 1175 .S59 1992

Wasserman, Dale One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

PS 3573 .A797 O5 1974

Wasserstein, Wendy An American Daughter

PS 3573 .A798 A8 1998

Wasserstein, Wendy The Heidi Chronicles (2 Copies)

PS 3573 .A798 H4 1990 C.1-C.2

Wasserstein, Wendy

Old Money

PS 3573 .A798 O43 2002

Way, Brian Pinocchio

PN 6120 .A5 B333 1970

Way, Brian Pinocchio

PR 6073 .A927 P56 1986

Way, Brian The Sleeping Beauty

PR 6045 .A98 S53 1977

Webster, John The Duchess of Malfi

PR 3184 .D83 1953

Weidman, Jerome & Abbott, George Fiorello

ML50 .B6745 F5 1960

Weidman, Jerome & Abbot, George Tenderlion

ML50 .B6745 T5 1961

Weiss, Peter

The Persecution & Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat As Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade

PT 2685 .E5 V43 1965

Weller, Michael

Spoils of War

PS 3573 .E457 S65 1988

White, Jessie Braham Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

PN6120 .A5 W35 1940 C.1-C.3

White, Jessie Braham Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (3 Copies)

PS 3561 .E395 S66 1994

Whitemore, Hugh Breaking the Code (2 Copies)

PR6073 .H577 B7 1987

Wilbur, Richard The School for Wives (3 Copies)

PQ1832 .E3 E58 1971 C.1-C.3

Wilde, Oscar The Importance of Being Earnest

PR5818 .I46 1965

Wilde, Oscar (and others Great Irish Plays

PR 8865 .G74 1995

Wilde, Pervical Glamour

PS 3545 .I337 G5 1935

Wilder, Thornton Our Town

PS 3545 .I345 A6 1985

Wilder, Thornton The Collected Short Plays of Thornton Wilder: Volume II

PS 3545 .I395 A6 1997 V.2

Williams, Tennessee A Streetcar Named Desire (2 Copies)

PS 3545 .I5365 S825 C.1-C.2

Willson, Meredith The Music Man

ML50 .W685 M8

Wilson, August Fences

PS3573 .I45677 F4 1986 C.1-C.2

Wilson, August Fences

PS 3573 .I45677 F46 1986

Wilson, August Joe Turner's Come and Gone

PS 3573 .I45677 I64 1998 C.1-C.2

Wilson, August The Piano Lesson

PS 3573 .I4567 P54 1990 C.2

Wilson, August Seven Guitars

PS 3573 .I45677 S48 1996

Wilson, August Two Trains Running

PS 3573 .I45677 T96 1992

Wilson, Lanford

Burn This

PS 3537 .I458 B8 1987

Wilson, Lanford

Book of Days

PS 3537 .I458 B6 2000

Wilson, Lanford

Collected Works, 1965-1970

PS 3573 .I458 A6 1996

Wilson, Lanford

Collected Works, Vol. 2, 1970-1983

PS 3573 .I458 A61 1998

Wilson, Lanford

Collected Works, Vol. 3, The Talley Trilogy

PS 3537 .I458 T35 1999

Wilson, Lanford Fifth of July

PS 3573 .I458 F54 1982

Wilson Lanford

Redwood Curtain

PS 3573 .I458 R44 1993 C.2

Wouk, Herman The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial

PS 3545 .O98 C3

Wright, Nicholas Mrs. Klein

PR 6073 .Rs29 M7 1995

Yourgrau, Tug The Song of Jacob Zulu

PN 6120 .A5 W35 1940 C.1-C.3

Zindel, Paul The Effect of Gamma Rays in Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds

PS 3576 .I518 E3 1973

Unknown Berkley Square


Unknown Collected Plays


Unknown Jack and the Giant

PN 6120 .C4 N488 1962

Unknown Commentary on Eugene O'Neil's Mourning Becomes Electra  

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