Series Two - Students Plays for Festival
Organized Chronologically


Student Plays for Theatre Workshop: 1989

O'Hara, John We Are Companions On A Journey
Meyer, Chris A Bight to Eat
Callahan, Elizabeth It's A Dog's Life
Sabol, Richard K. An Ordinary Travel Through Time
Meyer, Chris Without Humor
Lawless, Christina Straight Up, Please
Meyer, Chris The Game

Theatre Workshop: Festival '90 - Student Scripts, Volume I

Higgins, Bob Death Meets the Lovebug
Budd, Ed The Honeymooners Get Divorced
Lecky, John Cars
Glaze, Anndalena Piece of Mind
Liepis, Marc The F Word
Miller, Mark Backstage
Liepic, Marc The Shark Tank

Theatre Workshop: Festival '90 - Student Scripts, Volume II

Dwyer, Kevin Unsuspecting Customers
O'Connor, Kerin Complications
Speers, Michael The Unsung Hero
McEneney, Ed Final Judgment

New Short Plays by Students: 1991

Liepis, Marc Farewell Tour
O'Connor, Kerin The Bridal Shower
O'Hara, Jamie Known But To God
Wing, Terrence Trashed
Glaze, Anndalena Intimate Relations
Cunney, Don True Confessions
Roy, R.A. Life At Twenty
Walker, Alicia Truth Game

New Short Plays by Students: 1992 (Spring Semester)

Liepis, Marc Madness To My Method
Gaze, Anndalena The Porch Swing
Bryndle, Amy A Small Town Dream
Gallup, Laura The Final Destination
Timpone, Peter Wagner's Temptation
Schatzle, Barbara K. Oh and Please, Call Me Joe
Joseph, Jim 2 Hearts
Anson, Amy Looking For Inspiration
Barrott, Michelle Motherly Love
Dooley, Christine Going To The Chapel
Cerabone, Jon The Last Visit
Liriano, A.Z. Dance With Me
Giaquinto, Matthew Moonmist

A Book of New Short Plays: 1992 (Spring Semester)

Budd, Ed 72nd Street Messiah
Roche, John Dreamah
Liepis, Marc Cutting Remarks
Lake, Ronald Shakes and Spears
Crary, Kami Not Me
Speers, Mike Epiphany
Giaquinto, Matthew Moonmist (Revised)
Fieldman, Eugene Cyanide
Fieldman, Eugene Duke of Prunes

New Short Plays by Students: 1992 (Spring Semester)

Sheeran, Christine The Card Shop
Gretziner, Gerard M. Jr. Check Please
Lynch, Jim Charlie's Independence Day
Albano, Matt There's No Such Thing as Love in the World of the Blue-Headed Man
Iacono, Christopher W. Dysfunctional
Giaquinto, Matthew Blackout (a love story in the dark)
Speers, Mike Academy Avenue
Savitsky, Anne P. Hanging By A Thread
Zurlo, Vinnie From the Porch

New Plays: Volume I (Spring 1993)

Gretzinger, Gerard M. Jr. The Farther To Fall
Ten Eyck, David Green Pastures
Lindeman, Max Bennie
Iacono, Christopher W. Red Tape For The Boa Constrictor
Gretzinger, Gerard M. Jr. Family Affairs
Di Iorio, Stephanie Fool's Gold
Gretzinger, Gerard M. Jr. Second Chances

New Plays: Volume II (Spring 1993)

Jack, Deborah The Dream-Maker
Haggerty, James Return to Forever
Budd, Ed Sean Morgan's Family Solution
Crary, Kami A Room With No View
Lake, Ronald Madison's Murder
Haggerty, James Truman
Anderson, Jerome Jake's Ladder
Galpin, Christian G. One Fish, Two Fish
Crary, Kami Untitled
Galpin, Christian A Look At The View
McGovern, Mary Ann The Year the Real World Began
Jack, Deborah Worship Zylophone
Crary, Kami Kay's Prerogative
Iacono, Christopher W. Red Tape For The Boa Constrictor (Revised)
Crary, Kami Not Me (Revised)

Theatre Workshop: Festival '94

Altomare, Scott Escaping Reality
Feick, Erica A Modern Fairy Tail
Gonell, Louis Wiser Than My Years
Gretzinger, Gerard M. Jr. As Time Goes By
Hadhazy, Andrea Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
Miller, Lou The Further Adventures of Hamlet
Naumann, Stephanie What Would You Do If . . .
Redecindo, Sagrario All Screwed Up
Saraceno, Roseanne Jack In The Box
Targos, Robert Insult To Injury

Student Written Plays Prepared for Festival '95

Damiani, Christopher One Last Game
Danis, Michael Déjà Vu
Feick, Erica L. My Life
Feick, Erica L. The Possibility
Hadhazy, Andrea Family Dinner
Landry, Karen God Games
Murphy, Andrea The Crèche on Main Street: The Nativity Scene
Ryan, Sean Suburbia Dreamin
Saraceno, Roseanne Going Up
Targos, Robert G. The Hare and the Handicapped

Student Written Plays Prepared for Festival '96 (Book I)

Cahill, Bryon One Thousand and One Oranges
Clark, Patricia E. Why???
Hadhazy, Andrea Honest Exchange
Naumann, Stephanie Reality Check
Patulak, Jennifer A Cracked Diamond
Tokash, Andrew The Wait
Tokash, Andreq Blue

Student Written Plays Prepared for Festival '96 (Book II)

Cahill, Bryon A Knock At The Door
Feick, Erica L. A Prisoner Of The Mind
Landry, Karen The Underground
Saraceno, Roseanne Tombstones
Hadhay, Andrea Honest Exchange (Revised)

Stage One: Plays in Progress (Collection of Student Written Plays, 1997

Gallagher, Tom Of Brass Rings and Finer Things
Landry, Karen Legend Had It
Cahill, Bryon Armageddon Vs. Joe Shmoe
McNamara, Shannon M. NIHL
Tokash, Andrew Let's Talk About Sex
Cahill, Bryon Something Like Believe
White, Michelle Corrine How Little They Know
Freydl, Jef. E. Premonition
Ten Eyck, David The Paths of Progress
Fishelman, Ben A Man in a Chair, A Woman at the Window
Kennedy, Clifden Brotherhood
Murray, John & Linhart Paul Mortimer Gets Some or Mortimer Bites the Big Apple

As Grapes Upon the Vine: A Collection of New Plays - 1998

Fishelman, Ben A Certain Kind of Hum
Crandall, Jason A Leap of Faith
Mercurio, Stephanie A Queen's Symphony
Rescoria, Kim Ashes to Ashes
Jannicelli, Jessica Assumptions
Rescoria, Kim Battles You Can't Win
Cahill, Bryon Convulsing Twins
Treacy, Katie Decisions, Decisions
Feurstein, Michael James Famous Men: An Act Mizzling
Heineman, Alex In Brother I Trust
Mewhiney, Kevin None So Blind
Thompson, Scott R. The Borders of Arcadia
Lynch, Heather The Engagement
Thompson, Scott R. The First Letter to Sabrina
Cahill, Bryon Tuesday
Curry, Daniel Whatever Happened to Long Island Mike???

A Touch of Harry: A Collection of Plays Commemorating the Nineteenth Anniversary of Marist College's Annual Festival of Short Plays by Students - 1999

Cahill, Bryon The Pale Eggs of the Beast
Coppola, Giovanna Pickles
D'amore, Patrick The Wake
Hecht, Ben Mama's Boy
Heineman, Alex Freshman Year of Life
Ketcham, Brian $$$ Lucrative
Lorenz, Dawn The Heart Remembers
Mason, Keisha The Journey
McEvily, Pete Portrait of a Murder
Reeves, Ivy Love Thyself
Sullivan, John The Devil and Mike Faust or Satan Goes to College
Thompson, S. Randall A Quiet Sabbath in Amherst

Early Light: New Plays For a New Century - 2000

Orgera, Dean A Night in the Park
Sullivan, John The Restless Nights of Roxy Thrill
Hecht, Ben I. The Paper War
Tyburski, Daniel Power Lunch
Clemens, Chris Ridiculous
Thompson, S. Randall Act IV of Richard Once and Future King of England
Napoli, Shelly L. Gramma's Treasure Chest
Genesi, Kimberly S. South of Sunrise
Moorman, Sam Elbow Room

Swift As A Shadow: A Collection of New Short Plays - 2001

Clemens, Chris Ange Coeur
Hecht, Benjamin Angel Down
Garcia, George Luis Jr. Closure
Smith, Jeremy D. Dinner With Cactus
Musorrafiti, Lori Is Ignorance Bliss: An Exploration of Ebeneezer Pudd
Breslin, Dennis Jono's Big Party
Flynn, Matthew That Girl
Irizarry, Grace The Choice
Montemurro, Lauren A. Three's A Crowd
LeBoeuf, Jennifer Till We Meet Again
Nigrelli, Gianluca What About Birds

True Beginnings: Student Written Plays - 2002

Flynn, Matthew Toppings
Suesens, Michelle Life as a Movie
Pause, Stephen La Dame du Chevalier
Nigro, Nick Pointless Conversation
That, Cynthia Passing Through Boredom
Wentlejewski, Joseph Rocketman
Gemme, Michael The Kiosk
Weber, Chris Sex and Pepsi

Caviar to the General: A Collection of Plays by Student Playwrights

D'Angelo, Gina My Jesus Stopped
Gareau, Karla Bringing Home Jimmy Stewart
Gemme, Michael I Spy Love
Gemme, Michael The Man from Korvutunturi
Gross, Landan Thirteen Dollars for Therapy
Kasche, Edward J. Nunc Scio Quid Sit Amor
Kaylor, Brooke Slippery Fingers
McGrath, Jim A Side Order of Sarcrilege
Messina, Anthony Fun and Games
Weber, Chris 1-900-GET-GIRL

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