Series Three - Student Plays
Alphabetical by Author

Adamski, Meg Taking it to the Streets
Anderson, Donald The Resale T's
Anderson, J. Patrick Two Bit

Anderson, Jerome D.

The B.S. Formula

Anderson, John P. Constructive Criticism
Anderson, John P. The Gate Keeper
Anderson, John P. Money to Burn
Archer, Tim Got Me Wrong
Arthur, Lisa Have A Good Life
Bakke, John Abandoned Treasures
Bakke, John Drugs, Sex, Rock & Roll
Bakke, John Just Us
Bakke, John A Leap of Faith
Bakke, John Moonlight at Nightfall
Begley, Vincent The Truth of the Matter
Breslin, Dennis Jono's Big Party
Brooks, John The Game
Brunner, Susan & Crecca, Andrew Payment of a Dues
Budd, Ed The Honeymooners Get Divorced
Cahill, Bryon Armageddon vs. Joe Shmoe
Cahill, Bryon The Pale Eggs of the Beast
Caracciolo, Daniel Lawrence Assume Nothing
Clemens, Chris Ange Coeur
Coppola, Giovanna Pickles
Crandall, Jason A Man in a Chair, a Woman at the Window
Crary, Kami Marcie and Her Imagination
Creighton, Sean The Smoking Car
Cunney, Don Skeletons in the Closet
Curry, Daniel P. Shooting the Cowboys
Curry, Daniel P. What Ever Happened to Long Island Mike?
D'amore, Patrick The Wake
DeFelice, James Take it Easy, Soldier
Disana, Gina Twin Billing
Dwyer, Kevin Unsuspecting Customers
Eastwood, Steve The Courtmartial of James T. Kirk
Eyck, David Ten The Paths of Progress
Fahey, Jeanne The Apple and the Tree
Fishelman, Ben A Quiet Sunday in Amherst
Fitzpatrick, Diane & Eustace, Don Saints or Sinners
Flynn, Matthew Martin Cohan
Flynn, Matthew That Girl
Fredsall, Peter The Party LIfe
Freydl, Jeff E. Premonition
Gallagher, Thomas P. Of Brass Rings and Finer Things
Garcia, George Louis Jr. "Closure" Sometimes . . . it's all you need
Giaquinto, Matthrew Blackout
Giaquinto, Matthew & Gretzinger, Jerry After After Land
Glaze, Anndalena Piece of Mind
Hagans, Tauren L. Forgiveness
Hecht, Ben I. Mama's Boy
Hecht, Benjamin Angel Down
Heineman, Alex Freshman Year of Life
Heineman, Alex Icing on the Wedding Cake
Hesselton, Clair R. Choice's
Higgins, Bob Death Meets the Lovebug
Hubbs, Michele Wedded Bliss
Ivanoff, Donald N. Jr. Urning Tables
Jannicelli, Jessica Assumptions

Ketchman, Brian

$$$ Lucrative
Kennedy, Loretta A. Black Coming Light
Kieran, Alex Katy
Kuda, Deborah The Jury Room
Landry, Karen Legend Has It
Lantos, Teresa Ann Beginnings
Larkin, Michael Second Sight
Lawless, Christina Dinner for Three
LeBoeuf, Jennifer Till We Meet Again
Lecky, John Cars
Leipis, Marc Stranger Than Fiction
Lerkin, Michael G. In a Lonely Place
Liepis, Marc Farewell Tour
Lorenz, Dawn The Heart Remembers
Lrizarry, Grace The Choice
Lynch, Heather The Engagement
MacGowan, Carl Summer Employment
Magdalen, Karyn Sisters
Maragioti, Pat Of Wise Owls and Human Mischief: Scenes from a Romance
Marble, Mark All the Candidate's Men
Mason, Keisha The Journey
Mayone, Joan The College Years
McBride, Jon Thicker Than Water
McCann, Christina 21 Park Place
McCann, Christina The Witness
McEvily, Pete Portrait of a Murder
McNamara, Shannon Nihl
Milbihill, Michael Clancy Street
Miller, Mark Backstage
Miller, Mark Father's Day
Montemurro, Lauren A. Three's A Crowd
Moorman, Samuel Deli
Mulvihill, Michael Feet
Mulvihill, Michael Tumbleweeds
Murray, Jon & Lenhart, Paul Mortimer Bites the Big Apple (The Mort Strikes Back)
Musorrafiti, Lori Is Ignorance Bliss: An Exploration of Ebeneezer Pudd
Nirelli, Gianluca What About Birds
O'Brian, Joseph Dear Ann
O'Connor, Brian Late Ending
O'Connor, Kerin Complications
O'Donnell, Rick & Magdalen, Karyn What Are Friends For?
O'Hare, James My Brother's Keeper
Penny, George R. Down to the Wire
Pomilla, Diane To Fit the Cloth
Reeves, Ivy  Love Thyself
Ricci, Royal D. The Last Supper
Roche, John Chop Suey
Roche, John Engine's Heart
Roche, John Gifted
Roche, John Life's Eyes
Roche, John Milestones
Sabol, Richard To Be Remembered
Scully, Erin All the Dips are Dancing
Serafini, Chris Seen But Not Heard
Schilling, Mark The Downward Spiral
Smith, Jeremy D. Dinner with Cactus
Smyle, Alex The Bonds of Obedience
Smyle, Alex Observation Post Alpha
Sousa, AnnMichelle Me and Brian
Sousa, Shelly Upstage
Speers, Mike Epiphany
Speers, Mike The Unsung Hero (The Comic Tragedy)
Stepmoroski, Tara Wonderworld
Sullivan, James The Devil and Mike Faust or Satan Goes to College
Thompson, Scott R. A Tangled Web
Treacy, Katie Decisions, Decisions
Treacy, Katie The Favorite
unknown A Moment of Silence
unknown Romeo and Julio
Van Vlack, Ken Insecurities
Weston, Leslie Sketches
Wing, Terrence Vows
White, Michelle Corinne How Little They Know
Zizzi, Sara Romeo, Romeo
Zurlo, Vinny From the Porch

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