This advertisement appeared in the Washington-Baltimore edition of the March 22, 1968 issue of TIME, The Weekly Newsmagazine.

They are building Marist College with their own hands - for the chance to build men with their own hands.

These dedicated Marist Brothers started a brick - by - brick success story at Marist College long before the first student sweated an exam in 1957. Designing, mixing, hoisting, painting - supplying the muscle as well as the money - they built Marist College.

First grew the Gymnasium/Auditorium in 1949 with a saving of $124,000 in costs. Next, the do - it - yourselfers sliced $142,000 from the cost of the campus chapel. Soon after came the dormitory, administration building, student lounge, classroom and library building.

By 1960, the Brothers had completed six major construction projects for $1,345,000 - saving the school $1,709,000 in costs. Now they've got a ten - year expansion plan in the works, and they need your financial help.


One reason - to teach. They offer a challenge and an opportunity for intellectual, social, moral, and physical improvement.

Twelve hundred students take up this challenge every year to reach their fullest potenial in both their public and private lives.

This is the real labor of Marist college, the building of men.


Top:      Gerry Cox, Kevin Carolan, Richard La Pietra

Middle:   Gregory Marchesseault, Edward Cashin, Larry Sullivan,               Maurice Bibeau

Bottom:  John Lawrence, John Bosco, Gerry Weiss, Cornelius Russell


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