Donnelly Hall (continued):

Inside finishing work on Donnelly coincided with Marian College, as it was then called, accepting eight resident lay students. A section of Donnelly was modified as a dormitory for these students. For the next ten years, Donnelly was the main classroom building on the campus.

In 1985, modification such as enclosing and absorbing the ramp surrounding the building and enlarging the exterior classrooms took place.

The plaque in the main entrance of Donnelly commemorates the Marist Brothers' great achievement:

Donnelly Hall rededicated this twelfth day of October Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-one

"With deepest gratitude to the Marist Brothers who through the vision of their faith and by the labor of their hands constructed this landmark building on the Marist College campus, 1957-1962, under the inspiring leadership of Brother Nilus Vincent Donnelly, FMS, for whom this structure is named."

"Orare et laborare"


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