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August 16 – You don't see this everyday. The President's team of White House correspondents faced broadcaster Lowell Thomas's team in their annual ball game on Quaker Hill.

The score for the game was tie at 8-8 for a number of innings. There was a rare triple play in the fourth inning. The 6-5-4 triple play involved the President's son Franklin Roosevelt Jr. when he hit a hard line drive to the shortstop who caught the ball for the first out. The shortstop provided a quick throw to third base to catch the runner off the bag for the second out. The final out was made after the third baseman fired the ball over to second base to catch the runner off of that bag.

Despite the President's cheering, the White House team lost by a final score of 15 to 12.

After the game, the President expressed his desire to win next year's match against the Pawling team.


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