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Lowell Thomas (1892 – 1981) was an American journalist and world traveler best known as the man who recounted the famous journey of T.E. Lawrence in Arabia. Thomas and his son were also the first journalists invited to Tibet to film the Dalai Lama and record the lives of the Tibetan people. Thomas seemed to have an interest in all aspects of life. This included an interest in sports. When he was at his home in Pawling, NY, Thomas created a ball club that would play against other local teams. Initially, these games were played to entertain local fans during the Great Depression. Thomas's club soon evolved into a travel team that played benefit games to support a wide variety of causes throughout the country. Known under several names throughout the 1930s, Thomas's team eventually became known as “The Nine Old Men.” The games went on for many years until Thomas turned his attention to skiing.

This is a team photo from one of Lowell Thomas’s first local teams that played in Pawling. After several years of playing and some changes to the lineup, “The Debtors and Creditors” became “The Nine Old Men.”
Debtors and Creditors
Top Standing: Bob Lansden, En Addis, Harry Holmes, Stark Coleman, Munn Slocam, Eddie McGrath Bob Petrie, Bill Ray, Unknown, Grey Culbertson
2nd Seated: Pum Ives, Ralph Lankler, Gordon Gwinn, Fred Speedling
Front: Prosper Buranelli, Carl “Mutt” Ray Lowell Thomas


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