Marist Archives Digital Gallery Picks - July 2011

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0 Mohammedan Imam of Jerusalem, side view [With Lawrence in Arabia caption: A muezzin calling the faithful to prayer] (Item 65 - Box 1267)
1 Taj Mahal, from lily pond, Mr. Lowell Thomas and Mrs. Frances Ryan Thomas in right foreground (Item 2 - Box 1296)
2 Lusitania at pier in North River
3 Emir Feisal, T. E. Lawrence and group at Paris [With Lawrence in Arabia caption: Emir Feisal, center, with General Nuri to the left and Colonel Lawrence to the right; Captain Pisani of the French mission standing directly behind the Emir (Item 26 - Box 1265)
4 Lowell Thomas to Lowell Thomas, Jr. (includes “miracle� telegram)
5 Sphinx head (Item 51 - Box 1269)
6 Amritsar Golden Temple, seen through gate (Item 34 - Box 1294)
7 Airplane pilot, two American soldiers and man in long coat (Item 72 - Box 1319)
8 Tibet- Lowell Thomas and group
9 World cruisers flying over elaborate building (Item 72 - Box 1329)
10 Smiling soldier, driving automobile, holding hand grenade (Item 50 - Box 1326)
11 Dynamite explosion, workers running, Culebra
12 Steam shovel at work
13 Lowell Thomas and Harry Chase in front of the Parthenon, Athens (Item 23 - Box 1323)
14 British Soldiers in Submarine
15 T. E. Lawrence standing on balcony in Arab robe and headdress, full figure [With Lawrence in Arabia caption: The “Uncrowned King� of the Arabs on the Governor’s balcony in Jerusalem]
16 Lowell Thomas and FDR
17 Tibet- Dalai Lama and Lowell Thomas
18 Gondola, Basilica Di San Marcos in distance, Venice (Item 53 - Box 1324)
19 Little girl with two braids holding hand of very small boy (Item 20 - Box 1276)
20 Two elephants rubbing trunks (Graphlex) (Item 4 - Box 1280)
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