On-line Exhibits

Hidden in Plain Sight: A Brief History of Fore-Edge Painting
This paper examines the development and history of "hidden" fore-edge painting, and uses examples from the Gill Fore-Edge Painting Collections.
Intercollegiate Rowing Association: Poughkeepsie Regatta
This site provides in-depth research concerning the Poughkeepsie Regatta. In 1894 representatives from Columbia University, Cornell University, and the University of Pennsylvania selected the Hudson River at Poughkeepsie as the site for regattas of their newly formed Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA). Poughkeepsie soon became known as the “Rowing Capital of the World,” hosting IRA regattas from 1895-1949.
The Lowell Thomas Papers: Glass Plate Negatives
One of the most significant portions of the Lowell Thomas Papers is the Graphic Materials Series. This includes approximately 36,164 images, a majority of which have not been seen by the general public in nearly a century. The thousands of glass plate negatives and lantern slides in the collection became part of Thomas’s travelogues which made him an international success and made T.E. Lawrence known world-wide as Lawrence of Arabia. He provided the millions of people that attended his lectures their first glimpse of Arab culture. Today researchers can use these materials to examine how Western perceptions of Eastern cultures have changed over the past century, and apply this knowledge to the current situation in the Middle East. The following images are part of the finding aid for the Lowell Thomas Papers and represent the images captured by Thomas and his photographer, Harry Chase, in Arabia, Palestine, and Egypt.
The Milestones of Dutchess County
During Colonial American times the Colonial Assembly initiated a plan to regulate postal fees. In the late 1700s milestones or mile markers were erected along Albany Post Road every mile to aid in this process. The route ran from New York City to Albany and used red sandstone slabs as milestones to indicate the distance between towns in order to compute postage fees. The 28 milestones that still exist in Dutchess County, New York are featured in this on-line exhibit.
Lowell Thomas and "The Nine Old Men" Baseball Team
This digital project presents Lowell Thomas and his "Nine Old Men" ball club from Pawling, New York. The site features a game between "The Nine Old Men" and President Franklin D. Roosevelt's team. These benefit games also featured Babe Ruth, Gene Tunney, Bob Ripley, and many more. The site displays some of the resources that are available in the Marist College Archives and Special Collections. The items in this project include black and white photographs, lantern slides, cartoons, documents, and audio recordings.