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America’s First River: Bill Moyers on the Hudson. Dir. Monica Lange and Tom Spain. VHS. Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2002.

This two-part film discusses the rich history of the Hudson River and the fight to save the river from pollution and industrialization.   Part One: Stories from the Hudson describes the amazing history of the Hudson River Valley and explains how the Hudson River played an important role in the development of America’s culture, literature, art, economy, industry, and ideology.  Part Two: The Fight to Save the River discusses the fight to save the Hudson River from pollution and the legislation that has resulted from that struggle and the Scenic Hudson Decision.

The Hudson Riverkeepers: The Thirty Year Fight to Save the Hudson. Dir. Les Guthman. VHS & DVD. Outside Television, 1998.

This film tells the story of two generations of Hudson River fisherman and environmental activists fought against corporations and the government to protect the Hudson River.  The Hudson Riverkeepers grew out of the Hudson River Fisherman’s Association, which was formed in response to growing concern for the river when Con Edison was planning to build their hydroelectric plant at Storm King Mountain during the mid 1960’s.  The Storm King case is discussed in one segment of the film and is described as being the beginning of the modern environmental movement.







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