Marist Heritage Project - Oral History

The Marist College Archives and Special Collections Oral History Program began in the summer of 2001 as part of the Marist Heritage Project. The primary purpose of this project is the systematic collection, preservation, description, and distribution of recorded verbatim accounts of long-time members of the Marist College faculty, administration and staff.

The effect of the program will be the development of an oral history archives at the Marist College Archives and Special Collections, which captures the experiences of members of the Marist Community who played an active role in the development of the College. It is intended that the oral history program provide recorded information that both compliments and adds greater depth to the collections held in the Archives and Special Collections and the James A. Cannavino Library.

The master recordings and transcriptions are held at the Marist College Archives and Special Collections. For permission to listen to or copy an interview please contact us to make an appointment.


John Ansley

Head of Archives and Special Collections

845-575-5217 |

Nancy Decker

Library Assistant

845-575-3199 |

Forms and Guidelines
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A Practical Guide to Doing Oral History
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On the right you will find a list of interivews completed for the Marist Heritage Project. An index (or summary) and an audio clip are available for each interview.

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