The Marist College Herritage Project:A Practical Guide to Doing Oral History Section 17.

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The following sites may help those involved with collecting the history of Marist College via oral interviews. Or arrange to listen to one of the interviews that has already been completed for the Marist Heritage Project.

Art Institute of Chicago. “Chicago Architects Oral History Project.” Collections: The Art Institute of Chicago. (January, 2002). URL: (December 2001).

Elson, Aaron C. “Welcome to the First WWII Oral History Website.” (2001). URL: (December 2001).

Instructional Media Unit Webteam Office of Technology Resources. “USM Oral History Civil Rights Documentation Project.” Civil Rights Documentation Project. (July, 2001). URL: (December 2001).

Manuscript Division, Library of Congress. “American Life Histories.” American Memory. (December 2001). URL: (December 2001).

Tulane University. “Hogan Jazz Archive: Oral History Index.” Hogan Jazz Archive. (October, 2001). URL: (December 2001).

University of Michigan – Dearborn. “The Survivor Interviews.” Voice/Vision: Holocaust Survivor Oral Histories. URL: (December 2001).

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