The Marist College Herritage Project:A Practical Guide to Doing Oral History Section 2.

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The following are three separate lists of questions, which an interviewer may utilize in his/her various interviews. The first set of questions is meant to be asked to faculty members or employees of Marist College. The second has been tailored for both the former and current Marist Brothers. The third is meant for Marist Alumni. Although many of the questions may appear to be similar, there are slight differences between each set of questions. The questions have been arranged, so that any prospective interviewer may view such distinctions with greater ease.

These sets of questions are general templates an interviewer may utilize or modify. Interviewers should still conduct research and use only those questions that may specifically apply to an interviewee. For example, if you conduct research and discover that an interviewee worked on special project, which is of significance to the history of Marist College, you may desire to develop a specific question regarding that event.

In addition, make note of when the interviewee began and/or stopped working at or attending Marist. It is important to eliminate questions about an incident occurred before or after the interviewee was a student, employee, or a Brother. Moreover, the contents of the following templates may be interwoven; that is if an interviewee is both, for instance, an alumni and faculty of Marist College, the interviewer may desire to use the questions from both the first and third templates. Additionally, a prospective interviewer may incorporate questions from another template into the framework of the template he/she has chosen. Remember, it is important to research the background of each candidate because each interviewee has made different contributions to Marist College.

Regardless of who the interviewee is, the interviewer should begin recording each interview with the following statement:

This is an interview conducted with state name of the interviewee. We are in the state location of the interview. The date is state the month, day, year, and time when interview is taking place. The interviewer is state your name.

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