The Marist College Herritage Project:A Practical Guide to Doing Oral History Section 4.


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Biographical Questions
  • What is your full name?
  • Were you named after another family member?
  • Where were you born and when?
  • Do you have any siblings? What are their names?
  • Where did you grow up? Tell me about your hometown.
  • What were your parent's names?
  • What did your father do?
  • What did your mother do?
  • Tell me about your education as a child. As a young man.
Miscellaneous Questions
  • What drew you to the Marist community?
  • When did you begin your education here? Tell me about your education here.
  • Did you live on campus?
  • How many other Brothers were here at that time?
  • When did you become a Marist Brother?
  • What were your duties as a Brother?
  • Early on, when the Brothers had to raise most of what they ate, whose responsibility was it to take care of the livestock and gardens?
  • Did you ever sell any of the livestock, vegetables, plants or honey to the outside community?
  • Was there an infirmary on campus if a Brother fell ill?
  • Did outside members of the community visit the campus often?
  • Was there any interaction with other religious orders in the area?
  • What were relations like with the surrounding community?
  • Did you receive any degrees outside of Marist? If so, where?
  • Was or is there any dominant political view on campus? If so, would you please describe the nature of this viewpoint.
  • What was Marist College called when you arrived here?
  • How many students were in your graduating class? Where were the graduations held while you were a student?
  • How many buildings were on campus? How many buildings did the Brothers build? Would you tell a little of the history of the McCann Center? (The Marist Brother cemetery is located beneath McCann.)
  • Would you tell me about the construction of the Chapel? What was the reaction to the design? Was the design unusual at the time?
  • Tell me about Brother Nilus Donnelly? And the construction of Donnelly Hall? Other buildings on campus?
  • What buildings were torn down?
  • Do you have a favorite building on campus?
  • Would you tell me a little about the old pool?
  • Was there a dramatic change in life on campus with the increase of lay students? With introduction of female students?
  • What was your reaction to the transfer of control from the Marist Brothers to the Marist College Education Corporation?
  • What do you teach at Marist College? How long have you been teaching?
Concluding Questions
  • Are there any topics, which this interview failed to cover? If so, please state and describe what they are.
  • Please tell me why and when you decided to leave the Brotherhood. (Note: If you are interviewing a current Marist Brother be sure to omit this question.)
  • What do you think of the current student body? Has it changed over time?
  • What have you been doing in “retirement?”
  • Marist College has had three different presidents, Bro. Paul Ambrose Fontaine, Dr. Linus Richard Foy, and our current president Dr. Dennis J. Murray, how do you feel that their styles of leadership have differed?
  • Has the change and growth on campus affected the Marist ideals?
  • What do you envision for the future of Marist College?

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