Asia: Singapore, Malaya, Sarawak

Asia was indeed quite an experience, and just as China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan were closely related, so the same can be said of Singapore, Malaysia, and Sarawak, which is really in East Malaysia. When I landed in Singapore on June 25, I had exactly two weeks to cover the major parts of Asia. In the first visit I intended to get acquainted with the lives of our Brothers, and to try to understand what their needs were during my term as Assistant General. That meant that I would start in Singapore, then go up and down Malaysia, then back to Singapore, and then East to Sarawak and back. Thus, I would cover a good part of Asia including Hong Kong and the northeastern part of Malaya where I could visit Sarawak, a mission that had been going strong for some time already. Most of these countries were strongly influenced by England, as far north as Hong Kong and as far east as Sarawak they used the same time, money, and newspapers, and English was a commonly spoken language.