India was off to a good start because of the help of some of the foreign missionaries who had come to Sri Lanka. They first started to help out with the growth of Sri Lanka and came as missionaries from Spain and Italy. Our first group of missionary candidates was not adequately trained, and Sri Lanka had no other help to offer as it was an expense they could not handle with their already poor finances. So they asked the Superiors for help, and the new mission of India was then assigned to one of the provinces of Australia, and remains so today. Our Australian set-up in Trichy is suitable for a training center for Indians at present. It will take some more time before we have enough trained Indians to be able to take over the mission work in their country.

What pleases me most is that even India, as young a mission as it is, expects to be able to start some missionary projects in northern India, which can develop to the point of providing more Indian missionaries where they are most needed and wanted by the Church. Our latest news is that our mission work in India is now completely in the hands of our Indian Marists.