Our mission in Japan is the one that was struck very hard recently when our school in Kobe was completely destroyed by a great earthquake. We were able to carry on with makeshift temporary facilities, and after two years of hard work and a lot of help from the government and the local people we are now back to complete service. It is incredible how hard all worked to make that possible. Now Kobe carries on in full force with only a few Brothers left.

Kumamoto is a different story, for the problem there is the lack of Marist Brothers. We had hoped that we would be getting some vocations to take over eventually and replace us. That has not occurred. Our school is running well, for Brother Patrick had seen to an efficient staff before leaving. Our only Japanese Marist continues as the superintendent in charge of the school and tries to maintain our special Marist spirit. We thank the Lord for the few Japanese Marists we have had.