Our Korean mission is doing quite well. The Brothers have been going to spend their summers with our Brother in Japan where they get the opportunity to speak English and to live community life with them. This has been beneficial to both groups. The main house is in Seoul, and a Novitiate was put up at Suwon-Shi. There is a leprosy hospital at Kyonbuk where the sick are treated, and from which those with leprosy can get medicine. The children of the leprosy families gather each summer and are brought to our house in the capital where they can enjoy various sports and programs and have the opportunity to view some educational movies. There is a special training program at Kyonggi-Do. Those who are ready to start some college courses are sent to our Asian Center in the Philippines, where they can complete their studies with all the other Asian countries without Scholasticate facilities. The care that we offer for the lepers covers all the lepers of at least eight cities in the same Diocese. It is named Damien after the famous Father Damien the Leper.

The Marist Asian Center is under the care of the General Administration and provides courses and full academic training for all the Marist missions of Asia, which do not yet have a proper Scholasticate and do not have the means to provide one. This is a great help as well as a place to hold all the various Asian retreats or meetings of all the Asian Superiors. A similar program has been organized and is offered in Kenya for all the college-level training for the various Provinces or missions of Africa, which do not have those facilities. This has been a great help also for the study of main languages needed in our various missions. We have also accepted religious of nearby orders as well.