In 1998 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of our first coming to the Philippine Islands by the Americans on August 15, 1948. This Province has experienced a drop in the number of vocations, but it is outstanding in its work for and in the schools. Of the original four Marist American Brothers, only one is still alive and not yet retired, but he is back in the U.S.A. All three others have died and two are buried in the Philippine cemetery at our Novitiate in Cotobato.

We have six schools, all of them with kindergarten, elementary, and high school; four of them are colleges, and one of these is a university. We have a total of 26,087 students in our schools with only thirty-nine Marist Brothers to do all this work, and only two of these are Americans. The vocations are fewer than before; vocations, at least, are possible in that country.

The General Administration has also been using the Philippines for a new training center for our young Marist Brothers of all our missions in Asia. It is known as the Marist Asian Center.