Singapore is a city with a large school-age population. And that is one of its main problems, for about fifty percent of the population is less than nineteen years of age. In Singapore is located the Marist Provincial House of the Chinese Province. It was formerly a private house but it has been enlarged with a beautiful chapel, and next to it we have constructed a beautiful and functional Juniorate that will accommodate thirty Juniors. In the city itself the Marist Brothers have two schools: Catholic H.S. with over 2,000 students and Marist Stella B.S. with some 600. Our community at Catholic H.S. once had twelve Brothers, but now has only seven. At the time of my visit we had recently lost one of Catholic High School’s outstanding teachers. Bro. Felix Prosper died in an automobile accident; he was a quiet and humble man of exceptional literary talent and the author of several books. He made a lasting impression on the students, and his passing was a severe loss for the Province. Shortly before his death, because he was an excellent artist with a brush, I had asked him to draw for us an enlarged and exact copy of the Marist emblem. You can see this emblem reproduced now on the cover of the Bulletin of the Institute. It is also widely used in several Provinces. When you see it next, please pray an Ave for Brother Felix.

Marist Stella H.S. still was using the school of the Christian Brothers for the afternoon sessions. We were to purchase a piece of land and go ahead with a drive to build new schools. We adopted a wait-and-see policy with the new government. If we can be assured of a future, we will not hesitate to move along with our plans.

The Juniorate had twenty-one boys, mostly from Malaya, and as the educational difficulties were not easily surmounted, a decision had been reached to transfer the Juniorate to Malaya proper. Eventually, the present Juniorate served as the Novitiate of the Province.