St. Genis Laval-1958

We had had a grand meeting with our Marist Brothers the world over at Grugliasco and were given our new mandates to spread the spirit of Champagnat throughout the globe. We had had a wonderful ride up from Italy to France in very close quarters, which helped to share the spirit and to get to know one another in our dedicated work for the years ahead. We had reached St. Genis Laval, which was then the headquarters of our Marist Superiors, and would continue our work for about two more years before we could have our new planned headquarters in Rome. This would be much closer to the Holy See and easier access for all our Brothers who traveled from the apostolic work to come to the Second Novitiate to visit the treasures of our heritage where the Founder had lived and worked. We were still here right now and our immediate purpose after the Chapter was to spend some time together sharing our views, becoming aware of our specific work ahead as part of this Marist administration, and eventually getting started. It was a three-fold program: Imbibe the Spirit–Know your Mandate–Then Get Going.