Appendix D: Glossary of Local Superiors

Provincial Houses

1911-1952 St. Ann's Hermitage Provincial House, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
1911-1916 Bro. Marie Anicetus, Dtr. General
1916-1918 Bro. Heribert, Dtr. General
1918-1922 Bro. Marie Anicetus, Dtr. General
1922-1928 Bro. Heribert, Dtr. General
1928-1929 Bro. Peter Vincent, Dtr. General
1929-1931 Bro. Ptolemeus, Dtr. General
1931-1934 Bro. Heribert, Dtr. General
1934-1940 Bro. Leo, Dtr. General
1940-1942 Bro. Louis Omer, Dtr. General
1942-1944 Bro. Leo, Dtr. General
1944-1948 Bro. Joseph Albert, Dtr. General
1948-1948 Bro. Linus William, Dtr. General
1948-1949 Bro. Francis Regis, Dtr. General
1949-1949 Bro. Philip Joseph, Dtr. General
1949-1950 Bro. Henry Charles, Dtr. General
1950-1952 Bro. Paul Ernest, Dtr. General

1952- Marist Provincialate, Esopus, N.Y.
1952-1955 Bro. Paul Ernest, Director
1955-1957 Bro. Placid Robert, Director
1957-1959 Bro. Stephen Emile, Director
1959- Bro. Christopher, Director

Houses of Studies

1939- Champagnat Hall, Hyattsville, Maryland
1939-1939 Bro. Leo Hyacinth, Director
1939-1940 Bro. Albert, Director
1940-1942 Bro. Linus William, Director
1942-1943 Bro. Paul Ambrose, Director
1943-1944 Bro. Victor Ralph, Director
1944-1945 Bro. Genrge Francis, Director
1945-1950 Bro. Marie Petrus, Director
1956-1958 Bro. Andrew Arthur, Director
1958- Bro. Thomas Austin, Director


1905-1942 St. Ann's Hermitage Juniorate, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
1905-1906 Bro. Gervasius, Director
1906-1906 Bro. Charles Emile, Director
1906-1907 Bro. Felix Eugene, Director and Master
1907-1908 Bro. Boniface, Director and Master
1909-1911 Bro. John Casimir, Director and Master
1911-1923 Bro. John Casimir, Master
1923-1931 Bro. Paul Stratonic, Master
1931-1942 Bro. John Philibert, Master
1942- Marist Preparatory, Esopus, N.Y.
1942-1948 Bro. Linus William, Director and Master
1948-1951 Bro. Regis James, Director and Master
1951-1957 Bro. Joseph Damian, Director and Master
1957-1961 Bro. Stephen Urban, Director and Master
1961- Bro. Denis Damian, Director and Master
1922-1949 St. Joseph Huniorate, Tyngsboro, Mass.
1922-1924 Bro. Aloysius Mary, Director
1924-1927 Bro. Edmund Alphonse, Dtr. and Master
1927-1929 Bro. Aloysius Mary, Director
1929-1935 Bro. Edmund Alphonse, Master
1935-1938 Bro. Francis Regis, Dtr. and Master
1938-1944 Bro. Joseph Albert, Dtr, and Master
1944-1947 Bro. Marcel Henry, Dtr. and Master
1947-1949 Bro. Joseph Damian, Dtr. and Maser
1949-1951 St. Joseph Huniorate, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
1949-1951 Bro. Joseph Damian, Dtr. and Master


1908-1949 St. Ann's Hermitage Novitiate, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
1908-1910 Bro. Boniface, Master
1910-1914 Bro. Heribert, Master
1914-1920 Bro. Adolph Leo, Master
1920-1923 Bro. Zephiriny, Master
1923-1937 Bro. Aldoph Leo, Master
1937-1946 Bro. Henry Charles, Master
1946-1946 Bro. John Philibert, ad interim
1946-1948 Bro. Henry Charles, Master
1948-1949 Bro. Louis Omer, Master
1949- St. Joseph Novitiate, Tyngsboro, Mass.
1949-1952 Bro. Louis Omer, Master
1952-1958 Bro. Pius Victor, Master
1958- Bro. David Ottmar, Master
1949-1951 Bro. Philip Joseph, Director
1951-1952 Bro. Pius Victor, Director
1952-1958 Bro. Henry Charles, Director
1958- Bro. George Robert, Director
1959- Marist Bothers Novitiate, Esopus, N.Y.
1959- Bro. Peter Hilary, Master


1895-1910 St. Ann's Academy, New York City
1895-1904 Bro. Zephiriny, Director
1904-1910 Bro. Ptolemeus, Director
1910-1928 St. Ann's Hermitage Scholasticate, Poughkeepsie, NY
1910-1912 Bro. Mary Florentius, Master
1912-1914 Bro. Mary Anicetus, Dtr. General
1914-1919 Bro. Ptolemeus, Director General
1919-1922 Bro. Mary Anicetus, Director General
1922-1923 Bro. Paul Stratonic, Master
1923-1927 Bro. Adolph Armand, Master
1927-1928 Bro. Emile Nestor, Master
1928-1946 Marist Training School, Poughkeepsie, NY
1928-1931 Bro. Emile Nestor, Master
1931-1940 Bro. Adrian August, Master
1940-1941 Bro. Victor Ralph, Master
1941-1943 Bro. Nicholas Mary, Master
1943-1946 Bro. Paul Ambrose, Master
1946- Marian (Marist) College, Poughkeepsie, NY
1946-1957 Bro. Paul Ambrose, Master
1957- Bro. Keiran Thomas, Master
1952-1958 Bro. Paul Ambrose, Director
1958-1961 Bro. Kieran Thomas, Director
1961- Bro. Richard Edwin, Director
1946-1953 Bro. Paul Ambrose, Dean
1953-1954 Bro. Leo Sylvius, Dean
1954-1955 Bro. Marcel Henry, Dean
1955-1957 Bro. Kieran Thomas, Dean
1957- Bro. Paul Octavius, Dean
1946-1948 Bro. Louis Omer, President
1948-1953 Bro. Thomas Austin, President
1953-1955 Bro. Linus William, President
1955-1959 Bro. Paul Ambrose, President
1959- Bro. Linus Richard, President

Poughkeepsie Area Schools

1908-1936 St. Peter's School, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
1908-1910 Bro. John Vincent, Dtr., Prin.
1910-1911 Bro. Paul Mary, Dtr., Prin.
1911-1912 Bro. Adolph Armand, Dtr., Prin.
1912-1915 Bro. Peter Raphael, Dtr., Prin.
1915-1916 Bro. Mary Severinus, Dtr., Prin
1916-1922 Bro. Charles Honere, Dtr., Prin.
1922-1925 Bro. Austin Mary, Dtr., Prin.
1925-1927 Bro. Joannes Maris, Dtr. Prin.
1927-1933 Bro. Adolph Armand, Dtr., Prin.
1933-1936 Bro. Louis Omer, Dtr. Prin.
1931- St. Peter's School, Haverstraw, New York
1931-1934 Bro. Joseph Albert, Dtr. Prin.
1934-1937 Bro. Owen Cuthbert, Dtr. Prin.
1937-1940 Bro. George Francis, Dtr. Prin.
1940-1943 Bro. Charles Raymond, Dtr. Prin.
1943-1950 Bro. Anthony Charles, Dtr. Prin.
1950-1950 Bro. Louis Futhyme, ad interim
1950-1956 Bro. Emile Michael, Dtr. Prin.
1956- Bro. Anthony Charles, Dtr. Prin.
1957- Holy Trinity School, Poughkeepsie, NY
1957- Bro. Conan Vincent, Dtr. Prin.
1958- Our Lady of Lourdes High School, Poughkeepsie, NY
1958-1961 Bro. Florent Augustine, Dtr. Prin.
1961- Bro. Pius Xavier, Dtr. Prin.

New York City Area Schools

1982-1957 St. Ann's Academy, New York City
1892-1904 Bro. Zephiriny, Director, Prin.
1904-1911 Bro. Ptolemeus, Director, Prin.
1911-1916 Bro. Dacianus, Director, Prin.
1916-1919 Bro. Adolph Armand, Director Prin.
1919-1922 Bro. Leo, Director, Prin.
1922-1925 Bro. Ptolemeus, Director, Prin.
1925-1926 Bro. Mary Florentius, Director
1926-1927 Bro. Peter Vincent, Director
1927-1929 Bro. Francis Borgia, Director
1929-1931 Bro. Henry Charles, Director
1931-1933 Bro. Paul Stratonic, Director
1933-1937 Bro. Emile Nestor, Director
1940-1944 Bro. Thomas Austin, Director
1944-1947 Bro. Louis Euthyme, Director
1947-1949 Bro. Thomas Austin, Director
1949-1953 Bro. Linus William, Director
1953-1957 Bro. John Lawrence, Director
1919-1922 Bro. Adolph Armand, Principal
1922-1925 Bro. Mary Florentius, Principal
1925-1927 Bro. Francis Borgia, Principal
1927-1930 Bro. Charles Honore, Principal
1930-1932 Bro. Leo Hyacinth, Principal
1932-1933 Bro. Emile Nestor, Principal
1933-1936 Bro. Francis Michael, Principal
1936-1941 Bro. Marcel Henry, Principal
1941-1945 Bro. Paul Wilfrid, Principal
1945-1945 Bro. Joseph Abel, Principal
1945-1950 Bro. John Arthur, Principal
1950-1951 Bro. Thomas Alban, Principal
1951-1953 Bro. Lawrence Joseph, Principal
1953-1957 Bro. Wilfrid Mary, Principal
1957- Archbishop Molloy High School, Jamacia, N.Y.
1957-1959 Bro. John Lawrence, Director
1958- Bro. Athansius Norbert, Director
1957-1959 Bro. James Damian, Dean of Studies
1957-1960 Bro. Sixtus Victor, Dean of Discipline
1959- Bro. Philip Damian, Dean of Studies
1960- Bro. Peter Martin, Dean of Discipline
1892-1934 St. Jean Baptiste School, New York City
1892-1904 Bro. Zephiriny, Director, Prin.
1904-1909 Bro. Ptolemeus, Director, Prin.
1909-1913 Bro. Felix Eugene, Director, Prin.
1913-1914 Bro. Adolph Armand, Director, Prin.
1914-1916 Bro. Peter Vincent, Director, Prin.
1916-1920 Bro. Mary Sylvain, Director, Prin.
1920-1922 Bro. Joseph Severinus, Director, Prin.
1922-1927 Bro. John Francis, Director, Prin.
1927-1928 Bro. Peter Vincent, Director, Prin.
1928-1929 Bro. John Francis, Director, Prin.
1929-1934 Bro. Louis Euthyme, Director, Prin.
1897-1908 St. Vincent de Paul School, New York City
1897-1898 Bro. Priscillianus, Prin. boys
1898-1902 Bro. Marie Boniface, Prin. boys
1902-1903 Bro. Paul Mary, Prin. boys
1903-1905 Bro. Joseph Maxime, Prin. boys
1905-1908 Bro. Marie Gualbert, Prin. boys
1903- St. Agnus High School, New York City
1903-1904 Bro. Mary Boniface, Principal
1904-1911 Bro. Peter Vincent, Principal
1911-1912 Bro. Aloysius Mary, Principal
1912-1915 Bro. John Francis, Principal
1915-1916 Bro. Charles Honore, Principal
1916-1923 Bro. Boniface, Principal
1923-1929 Bro. Boniface, Director, Prin.
1929-1932 Bro. Joseph Cadroes, Director, Prin.
1932-1935 Bro. Leo Hyacinth, Director, Prin.
1935-1938 Bro. Joseph Abel, Director, Prin.
1938-1940 Bro. Louis Omer, Director, Prin.
1940-1946 Bro. Adrian August, Director, Prin.
1946-1952 Bro. Cyril Robert, Director, Prin.
1952-1953 Bro. Patrick, Director, Prin.
1953-1953 Bro. Leo Sylvius, Director, Prin.
1953-1959 Bro. Peter Hilary, Director, Prin.
1959-1960 Bro, Patrick Eugene, Director, Prin.
1960- Bro. Timothy Gerard, Director, Prin.
1910-1918 S. Paul School, New York City
1910-1914 Bro. Leo, Principal
1914-1915 Bro. Peter Vincent, Principal
1915-1918 Bro. Pail Stratonic, Principal
1913-1921 St. Ignatius School, Ney York City
1913-1915 Bro. Joseph Severinus, in charge
1915-1921 Bro. Henry Charles, in charge
1926- Mount St. Michael Academy, New York City
1926-1931 Bro. Mary Florentius, Dtr. Prin.
1931-1931 Bro. Heribert, ad interim
1931-1932 Bro. Mary Florentius, Dtr.
1932-1933 Bro. Leo, Dtr.
1933-1939 Bro. Francis Zavier, Dtr.
1939-1943 Bro. Joseph Damian, Dtr.
1943-1949 Bro. Nicholas Mary, Dtr.
1949-1952 Bro. John Lawrence, Dtr.
1952-1960 Bro. Leo Vincent, Dtr.
1960- Bro. Patrick Eugene, Dtr.
1931-1934 Bro. Paul Ernest, Principal
1934-1937 Bro. Linus William, Principal
1937-1941 Bro. John Lawrence, Principal
1941-1942 Bro. Peter Hilary, Principal
1942-1952 Bro. Leo Sylvius, Principal
1952-1956 Bro. Athansius Norbert, Principal
1956-1959 Bro. Patrick Eugene, Dean Stud.
1956-1958 Bro. Florent Augustine, Dean Dis.
1958-1959 Bro. Francis Michael, Dean Dis.
1959-1961 Bro. Pius Zavier, Dean of Disc.
1959- Bro. William James, Dean Studies
1961- Bro. Timothy Joseph, Dean Dis.
1941- Cardinal Hayes High School, New York City
1941-1944 Bro. John Lawrence, Director
1944-1950 Bro. Vincent Dominic, Director
1950-1951 Bro. Philip John, Director
1951-1952 Bro. Athanasius Norbert, Dtr.
1952-1956 Bro. Philip John, Dtr.
1956-1958 Bro. Louis Omer, Director
1958-1961 Bro. James Bernard, Director
1961- Bro. John Arthur, Director
1946- St. Helena High School, New York City
1946-1947 Bro. Conan Vincent, Principal
1947-1953 Bro. Conan Vincent, Prin. Dtr.
1953-1959 Bro. James Thomas, Prin. Dtr.
1959- Bro. James Damian, Prin. Dtr.
1947- Bishop Dubois High School, New York City
1947-1951 Bro. Athansius Norbert, Director
1951-1957 Bro. Henry Joseph, Director
1957-1961 Bro. John Arthur, Director
1961- Bro. Bernard Aloysius, Director
1950- St. Mary's High School, Manhasset, N.Y.
1950-1956 Bro. Nicholas Mary, Dtr. Prin.
1956-1958 Bro. Bernard Gregory, Dtr. Prin.
1958- Bro. Cletus Richard, Dtr. Prin.
1954- Resurrection-Assension School, Rego Park, N.Y.
1954-1958 Bro. James Bernard, Dtr. Prin.
1958- Bro. Francis Anthony, Dtr. Prin.
1954- Marist High School, Mayonne, N.J.
1954- Bro. Leo Sylvius, Dtr. Prin.
1960- Roselle Catholic High School, Roselle, N.J.
1960- Bro. Sixtus Victor, Dtr. Prin.
1960- Marist Hall, Cold Spring-on-Hudson, N.Y.
1960- Bro. Leo Vincent, Dtr. Master
1960- Camp St. Joseph, Bellport, New York
1960- Bro. Athanasius Norbert, Dtr.

New England Schools

1886-1894 St. Peter's School, Lewiston, Maine
1886-1892 Bro. Come, Director and Prin.
1892-1894 Bro. Joseph Emeric, Director and Prin.
1890-1941 Ecole Hevey School, Manchester, New Hampshire
1890-1894 Bro. Vitalicus, Dtr. and Prin.
1894-1895 Bro. Joseph Emeric, Dtr. and Prin.
1895-1906 Bro. Generalis, Dtr. and Prin.
1906-1908 Bro. Jordanus, Dtr. and Prin.
1908-1914 Bro. Marie Sylvian, Dtr. and Prin.
1914-1918 Bro. Leo, Dtr. and Prin.
1918-1920 Bro. Leo Bernadin, Dtr. and Prin.
1920-1923 Bro. Adolph Leo, Dtr. and Prin.
1923-1926 Bro. John Casimir, Dtr. and Prin.
1926-1929 Bro. Henry Charles, Dtr. and Prin.
1929-1936 Bro. Francis Regis, Dtr. and Prin.
1936-1941 Bro. Edmund Alphonse, Dtr. and Prin.
1892- St. Joseph High School, Lowell, Mass.
1892-1906 Bro. Chryseil, Director and Prin.
1906-1909 Bro. Priscilianus, Director and Prin.
1909-1910 Bro. Jordanus, Director and Prin.
1910-1911 Bro. Leo Marcel, Director and Prin.
1911-1917 Bro. Leo Bernadin, Dtr. and Prin.
1917-1920 Bro. Peter Vincent, Dtr. and Prin.
1920-1922 Bro. Mary Florentius, Dtr. and Prin.
1922-1929 Bro. Francis Regis, Dtr. and Prin.
1929-1930 Bro. Marie Petrus, Dtr. and Prin.
1930-1937 Bro. Boniface, Dtr. and Prin.
1937-1939 Bro. Joseph Damian, Dtr. and Prin.
1939-1942 Bro. Zenon, Dtr. and Prin.
1942-1948 Bro. Peter Hilary, Dtr. and Prin.
1948-1951 Bro. Stephen Emile, Dtr. and Prin.
1951-1954 Bro. Marcel Henry, Dtr. and Prin.
1954-1957 Bro. Joseph Conrad, Dtr. and Prin.
1957-1958 Bro. Joseph Damian, Dtr. and Prin.
1958- Bro. Giles Marcellin, Dtr. and Prin.
1892-1950 St. Anne School, Lawrence, Massachusetts
1892-1900 Bro. Angelicus, Director and Prin.
1900-1902 Bro. Felix Antoine, Director and Prin.
1902-1906 Bro. Heribert, Director and Prin.
1906-1907 Bro. Gonzalvus, Director and Prin.
1907-1908 Bro. Marie Sylvain, Director and Prin.
1908-1914 Bro. Louis Raphael, Director and Prin.
1914-1917 Bro. Feliz Eugene, Director and Prin.
1917-1917 Bro. Elie Justin, Director and Prin.
1917-1922 Bro. Aloysius Mary, Director and Prin.
1922-1923 Bro. Victor Hilaire, Director and Prin.
1923-1929 Bro. Mary Petrus, Director and Prin.
1929-1932 Bro. Constantine Ernest, Director and Prin.
1932-1936 Bro. Mary Florentius, Director and Prin.
1936-1937 Bro. Paul Stratonic, Director and Prin.
1937-1937 Bro. Henry Charles, Director and Prin
Bro. Andre Celestrin, ad interim
1937-1940 Bro. Anthony of Padua, Dtr. Prin.
1940-1941 Bro. Alphonse Victor, Dtr. Prin.
1941-1944 Bro. Stephen Emile, Dtr. and Prin.
1944-1945 Bro. Victor Ralph, Dtr. and Prin.
1945-1948 Bro. Stephen Emile, Dtr. and Prin.
1948-1950 Bro. Emile Michael, Dtr. and Prin.
1903-1947 St. Joseph School, Haverhill, Massachusetts
1903-1906 Bro. Priscillianus, Dtr, and Prin.
1906-1909 Bro. Dacianus, Dtr. and Prin.
1909-1912 Bro. M. Ludovicus, Dtr. and Prin.
1912-1914 Bro. Leo Marcel, Dtr. and Prin.
1914-1917 Bro. Mary Cephas, Dtr. and Prin.
1917-1923 Bro. Philip Joseph, Dtr. and Prin.
1923-1925 Bro. Leo Victor, Dtr. and Prin.
1925-1926 Bro. Ptolemeus, Dtr. and Prin.
1926-1926 Bro. Felix Eugne, Dtr. and Prin.
1926-1929 Bro. Marie Petrus, Dtr. and Prin.
1929-1931 Bro. Aloysius Mary, Dtr. and Prin.
1931-1932 Bro. Leo, Dtr, and Prin.
1932-1932 Bro. Aloysius Mary, Dtr. and Prin.
1932-1933 Bro. Louis Omer, Dtr. and Prin.
1933-1936 Bro. Alphonse Victor, Dtr. and Prin.
1936-1938 Bro. Joseph Albert, Dtr. and Prin.
1938-1941 Bro. Mary Linus, Dtr. and Prin.
1941-1947 Bro. Theophile, Dtr. and Prin.
1935- Central Catholic High School, Lawrence, Mass.
1935-1936 Bro. Thomas Austin, Principal
1936-1938 Bro. Mary Florentius, Dtr. and Prin.
1938-1944 Bro. Joseph Abel, Dtr. and Prin.
1944-1949 Bro. John Lawrence, Dtr. and Prin.
1949-1952 Bro. Leo Vincent, Dtr. and Prin.
1952-1958 Bro. George Camille, Dtr. and Prin.
1958-1961 Bro. Hugh Ephrem, Dtr. and Prin.
1961- Bro. Florent Augustine, Dtr. and Prin.
1936-1947 St. Jeanne D'Arc School, Lowell, Mass.
1936-1938 Bro. Charles Raymond, Principal
1938-1939 Bro. Alphonse Victor, Principal
1939-1946 Bro. Joseph Stephane, Principal

Southern and Western Schools

1919-1939 Marist School for Boys, Savannah, Georgia
1919-1922 Bro. Paul Stratonic, Dtr. and Prin.
1922-1925 Bro. Henry Charles, Dtr. and Prin.
1925-1928 Bro. Louis Euthyme, Dtr. and Prin.
1928-1931 Bro. Mary Andrew, Dtr. and Prin.
1931-1934 Bro. Joseph Abel, Dtr. and Prin.
1934-1937 Bro. Joseph Damian, Dtr, and Prin.
1937-1939 Bro. Nicholas Mary, Dtr. and Prin.
1933- Central Catholic High School, Wheeling, W. Va.
1933-1936 Bro. Paul Stratonic, Dtr. and Prin.
1936-1940 Bro. Thomas Austin, Dtr. and Prin.
1940-1940 Bro. Francis Xavier, Dtr. and Prin.
1940-1944 Bro. Marcel Henry, Dtr. and Prin.
1944-1950 Bro. Francis Michael, Dtr. and Prin.
1950-1956 Bro. Bernard Gregory, Dtr. and Prin.
1956- Bro. Philip John, Dtr. and Prin.
1939- Aquinas High School, Augusta, Georgia
1939-1941 Bro. Nicholas Mary, Dtr. and Prin.
1941-1947 Bro. Benedict Henry, Dtr. and Prin.
1947-1951 Bro. Ignatius Robert, Dtr. and Prin.
1951-1957 Bro. John Arthur, Dtr, and Prin.
1957-1959 Bro. Athansius Norbert, Dtr. and Prin.
1959- Bro. Claude, Dtr. and Prin.
1944-1958 Marmion Academy, Aurora, Illinois
1944-1947 Bro. Thomas Austin, Director
1947-1950 Bro. Philip John, Director
1950-1954 Bro. Joseph Leo, Director
1954-1958 Bro. Regis James, Director
1906- St. Joseph Academy, Brownsville, Texas
1906-1908 Bro. Anthony Aubert, Dtr. and Prin.
1908-1911 Bro. Euphrasio, Dtr. and Prin.
1911-1917 Bro. Innocent, Dtr. and Prin.
1917-1921 Bro. Henry Fumeaux, Dtr. and Prin.
1921-1924 Bro. Paul Allemand, Dtr. and Prin.
1924-1931 Bro. Henry Fumeaux, Dtr. and Prin.
1931-1937 Bro. Paul Alemand, Dtr. and Prin.
1937-1942 Bro. Henry Fumeaux, Dtr. and Prin.
1942-1944 Bro. Louis Rodd, Dtr. and Prin.
1944-1950 Bro. Paul Allemand, Dtr. and Prin.
1950-1959 Bro. William Cyril, Dtr. and Prin.
1959-1961 Bro. Richard Aloysius, Dtr. and Prin.
1961- Bro. Luke Anselm, Dtr. and Prin.
1936- St. Joseph Academy, Laredo, Texas
1936-1942 Bro. John Heredia, Dtr. and Prin.
1942-1948 Bro. Henry Fumeaux, Dtr. and Prin.
1948-1954 Bro. James Carroll, Dtr. and Prin.
1954-1959 Bro. Louis Rodd, Dtr. and Prin.
1959- Bro. Luke, Dtr. and Prin.
1914-1924 Marist College (Grammar School), Tucson, Ariz.
1914-1920 Bro. Gosbertius, Dtr. and Prin.
1920-1922 Bro. Golegne, Dtr. and Prin.
1922-1924 Bro. Henry Gumeaux, Dtr, and Prin.
1959- Christopher Columbus H.S., Miami Florida
1959- Bro. Benedict Henry, Dtr. and Principal

Mission High Schools and Colleges

1948- Notre Dame of Cotabato H.S., Cotabato, P.I.
1948-1954 Bro. Maurus James, Prin. and Dtr.
1954-1955 Bro. Anthony Bernard, Prin. and Dtr.
1955-1958 Bro. Denis Colman, Prin. and Dtr.
1958-1960 Bro. Humbert Damian, Prin. and Dtr.
1960-1961 Bro. Regis Xavier, Prin. and Dtr.
1961- Bro. Maurus James, Director
1950- Notre Dame of Marbel H.S. and College, Marbel, P.I.
1950-1952 Bro. Edmund Conrad, Dtr. Prin.
1952-1957 Bro. Herbert Daniel, Dtr. Prin.
1957-1958 Bro. Humbert Damian, Dtr. Prin.
1958-1961 Bro. Herbert Daniel, Dtr. Prin.
1954-1957 Bro. Thomas Edward, Dean
1961- Bro. Henry Joseph, Director
1952- Notre Dame of Lagao H.S., Lagao, P.I.
1952-1956 Bro. Humbert Damian, Dtr. and Prin.
1956-1957 Bro. Maurus James, Dtr. and Prin.
1957-1958 Bro. Humbert Damian, Dtr. and Prin.
1958-1959 Bro. Felix Eugene, Dtr. and Prin.
1959-1961 Bro. Robert Baptist, Dtr. and Prin.
1959-1960 Bro. Louis Omer, Master of Novices
1961- Bro. Herman Edwin, Dtr. and Master of Scholastics
1954- Notre Dame of Kidapawan, H.S. and College, Kidapawan, P.I.
1954-1955 Bro. Maurus James, Dtr. and Prin.
1955-1961 Bro. Norman Cyril, Dtr, and Prin.
1961- Bro. Regis Xavier, Dtr. and Prin.
1953- Notre Dame of Dadiangas H.S. and College, Dadiangas, P.I.
1953-1956 Bro. Humbert Damian, Prin. of Lagao
1956-1957 Bro. Maurus James, Prin. of Lagao
1957-1958 Bro. Humbert Damian, Prin. of Lagao
1958-1960 Bro. Godwin Anselm, Dtr. and Prin.
1960- Bro. Patrick Nicholas, Dtr. and Prin.
1960- Bro. Herbert Daniel, Dean
1959- Immaculate Conception Novitiate, Tamontaka, P.I.
1959- Bro. Louis Omer, Master of Novices
1959- Bro. Denis Colman, Director
1959- Notre Dame of Jolo High School, Jolo, P.I.
1959-1961 Bro. Herman Edwin, Dtr. and Prin.
1961- Bro. Alfred George, Director
1951- Marist Brothers School, Kobe, Japan
1951-1957 Bro. Leon Stephane, Dtr. and Prin.
1957- Bro. Louis Charles, Dtr. and Prin.
1959- Kumamoto Maristo High School, Kumamato, Japan
1959-1961 Bro. Patrick Francis, Organizer
1961- Bro. Patrick Francis, Dtr. and Prin.

Canadian Schools of the Province of the United States 

1910-1917 St. Boniface College, St. Coniface, Manitoba, Canada
1910-1910 Bro. Namase, Director
1910-1016 Bro. Marie Boniface, Director
1916-1917 Bro. Victor Hilaire, Director
1912-1915 St. Norbert School. St. Norbert, Manitoba, Canada
1912-1914 Bro. Charles Adrian, Director
1914-1915 Bro. Francis Regis, Director
1913-1921 St. Pierre Jolys, School, St. Pierre Jolys, Manitoba, Canada
1913-1919 Bro. Louis Viateur, Director
1915-1921 Bro. Victor Hilaire, Director
1913-1916 St. Anne Des Chenes School, St. Anne des Chenes, Manitoba, Canada
1913-1915 Bro. Victor Hilaire, Director
1915-1916 Bro. Jules Ambrose, Director
1907-1925 St. Michael School, Montreal, Canada
1907-1910 Bro. Paul Mary, Director
1910-1912 Bro. John Francis, Director
1912-1918 Bro. Mary Florentius, Director
1918-1923 Bro. Edmund Alphonse, Dtr.
1923-1925 Bro. Philip Joseph, Dtr.

House of Studies in Canada

1898-1911 Scholasticate, Iberville, Canada
1898-1899 Bro. Nivard, Master of Scholastics
1899-1903 Bro. Marcelien Louis, Master, Dtr.
1903-1904 Bro. Joseph Emeric, Master
1904-1905 Bro. Louis Dimas, Master
1905-1906 Bro. Genest, Master
1906-1907 Bro. Peter Vincent, Master
1907-1907 Bro. Saintin, Master
1907-1908 Bro. Marie Anicetus, Master
1908-1909 Bro. Henri Noel, Master
1909-1909 Bro. Charles Emile, Master
1909-1910 Bro. Gonzalvus, Master
1910-1911 Bro. Adonius, Master
1887-1892 Novitiate, Iberville, Canada
1887-1891 Bro. Cesidius, Master
1891-1892 Bro. Come, Master
1892-1934 Novitiate, St. Hycinthe, Canada
1892-1898 Bro. Come, Master
1898-1904 Bro. Legontien, Master
1904-1907 Bro. Cesidius, Master
1907-1910 Bro. Heribert, Master
1910-1934 Bro. Charles Casimir, Master
1892-1911 Juniorate, Iberville, Canada
1892-1893 Bro. Pierre Chrysologue, Master
1893-1898 Bro. Saintin, Master
1898-1900 Bro. Felix Antoine, Master
1900-1906 Bro. Saintin, Master
1906-1909 Bro. Louis Gustave, Master
1909-1910 Bro. Adonius, Master
1910-1911 Bro. Marie Stratonique
1899-1917 St. Ann's Juniorate, Levis, Canada
1899-1903 Bro. Chrystotele, Master
1903-1907 Bro. Marie Anicetus, Master
1907-1917 Bro. Saintin, Master

1985-1911 First Schools of the Original Province

1885-1911 St. Athanase School, Iberville, P.Q. Canada
1885-1889 Bro. Cesidius, Director
1889-1892 Bro. Chryseuil, Director
1892-1900 Bro. Louis Felix, Director
1900-1905 Bro. Angelicus, Director
1905-1907 Bro. Zephiriny, Director
1907-1910 Bro. Gabriel Marie, Director
1910-1911 Bro. Pierre Chrysologue, (in charge)
1893-1903 Juniorate, Iberville, P.Q., Canada (Loupret)
1893-1898 Bro. Saintin, Master
1898-1900 Bro. Felix Antoine, Master
1900-1903 Bro. Saintin, Master
1903-1911 Scholasticate, Iberville, P.Q., Canada
1903-1904 Bro. Joseph Emeric, Master
1904-1905 Bro. Louis Dimas, Master
1905-1906 Bro. Genest, Master
1906-1907 Bro. Peter Vincent, Master
1907-1908 Bro. Marie Anicetus, Master
1908-1909 Bro. Joseph Emeric, Master
1909-1910 Bro. Alfrid, Master
1910-1911 Bro. Adonius, Master

Canadian Provincials Since 1911

1911-1943 The Province of Canada*
1911-1914 Bro. Cesidius
1914-1920 Bro. Joseph Emeric
1920-1926 Bro. Gabriel Marie
1926-1932 Bro. Jules Adrien
1932-1935 Bro. Marie Stratonique
1935-1943 Bro. Louis Gustave
1943-1961 The Province of Iberville
1943-1948 Bro. Louis Gustave
1948-1954 Bro. Joseph Azarias
1954-1957 Bro. Antoine Albert
1957-1959 Bro. Joseph Azarias
1959- Bro. Olivier
1943-1960 Province of Levis
1943-1949 Bro. Auguste Henri
1949-1955 Bro. Lorenzo
1955-1960 Bro. Pierre Ferdinand
1960- Bro. Henri Louis**
1960- The Province of Debiens
1960- Bro. Aime Louis

* This Province was divided into the Provinces of Iberville and Levis in 1943.

** This Province was divided in 1960, the Province of Debiens was organized in the Lake St. John region from the Province of Levis.