Appendix K

Arrival of Leading Teaching Brothers Institutes in the United States(1)

1841 Holy Cross Brothers South Bend, Ind.
1845 Christian Brothers Baltimore, Md.
1847 Sacred Heart Brothers Mobile, Ala.
1849 Marianists* Cincinnati, O.
1854 Xaverian Brothers St. Louis, Ky.
1858 Franciscan Brothers Brooklyn, N.Y.
1886 Marist Brothers Lewiston, Me.
1889 Brothers of Christian Instruction Alfred, Me.
1898 Salesian Brothers* San Francisco, Cal.
1906 Christian Brothers of Ireland New York City

* These congregations include priests (statistics).

Statistics (1960)

Christian Brothers 2436
Marianist Brothers & Priests 1436
Christian Brothers of Irel.** 820
Holy Cross Brothers 892
Sacred Heart Brothers 616
Marist Brothers  576
Xaverian Brothers 536
Salesian Brothers 272
Franciscan Brothers of Bklyn. 170
Brothers of Christian Instruction 105(2)

** Canadian Brothers are included.

1. Official Catholic Directory, (Jan. 1960), pp. 241-245.

2. Foreign Brothers studying at Marist College, Poughkeepsie, New York are included in this number.