1. Four others will follow during the next two years.  These missionaries are being replaced by brothers from Europe who have been sent to study at Marist College and who have graduated.  Eventually these brothers will be replaced by the American Brothers.
2. Several other brothers were sent to various countries on an exchange program.
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4. The two first years were housed at the former St. Joseph Grammar School, Bayonne, New Jersey from 1956-1961.
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8. Cardinal Spellman offered the college $15,000 towards the new library in the classroom building.  As a result the college authorities decided to call the library in his honor, Spellman Library.
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10. In 1953 Brother George Francis, a professor at Marian College was laid to rest in the last grave in the Poughkeepsie community cemetery.  In the spring of 1954 Father Wm. Barry, C.SS.R. officiated at the blessing of the Esopus cemetery.  At this writing 21 brothers have been interred here.  47 are buried in Poughkeepsie.
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12. This brother was awarded an honorary LL.D. from Merrimack College, North Andover, Massachusetts at the conclusion of his six years as principal.
13. The collapse was due to acclusion, a rare accident caused by varying pressures from within and without.
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15. On this occasion Bishop Mongeau appointed Brother Maurus James the Diocesan Superintendent of Schools of Cotobato.
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18. Annual pilgrimages have been held since, especially by the parents organizations from Mount St. Michael Academy.
19. American brothers who served as vice postulators of the cause of beautification: Brothers Francis Regis (1949) Brother Lawrence Joseph and Brother Cyril Robert.  They succeeded each other in the pursuance of the alleged miracle of the cure of cancer of Mrs. Georgianna Grodin of Winslow, Maine.
20. Mr. Georgianna Grodin, of Winslow, Maine and Jean Monoro of Madagascar, both cured through the intercession of the Blessed, were guests of the Institute on this occasion.
21. Brother Leonida, the retiring Superior General, was commissioned to direct the construction in Rome and to revise the brother's prayer life.  Brother Thomas Austin, retiring Assistant General for the United States and Canada returned to the United States to assume the post of Director of Champagnat Hall, Washington, D.C.
22. Only the English-speaking provinces have chosen to retain use of the rabat.
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24. Two brothers from the Poughkeepsie Province are presently studying at the Jesu Magister.
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26. The first hint of the division was in 1953: Provincial Council Deliberations, 1911-1961.
27. The Consultors: Brothers John Lawrence, Paul Ambrose, Leo Sylvius, Leo Vincent.
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37. Indult 10945/60.  Brother Humbert Damian was appointed in September 1960 as Visitor.  He replaced Brother Maurus James (1956-1960).
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40. Brothers from the United States, the British Isles, and Commonwealth possessions in the Pacific area will study here.  Six months sessions are held twice a year.
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43. In 1946 while director here he elected as a delegate to the Fourteenth General Chapter.
44. Simultaneously he was appointed to the Provincial Council.  He held this consultative position until his appointment as Provincial.
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46. To help finance the various projects, this province was given the program of socials at St. Stephen's Church in New York City by the U.S. Province.  This program was first established by the Marist Mission League in 1957 by the brothers of the former St. Ann's Academy.  In addition the Marist Fathers Club, which was founded in 1959, at Mount St. Michael Academy, organized similar socials.  These two programs along with the Mount St. Michael's Mens' Club have substantially contributed to the founding and development of these projects.
47. Brother Louis Viateur, who taught French at St. Joseph School in Lowell, Massachusetts for many years, received similar awards from the French government in 1951 and 1955.
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