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Krik? Krak! tales of a nightmare

Directed by: Jac Avila and Vanyoska Gee.

Presents the story of Haiti's misery under two generations of Duvaliers. Reeling into the barbarously haunting allegorical world of living history and corrupted spiritualism that merge with riveting, exclusive sequences of Duvalierist tyranny, we experience an impression of the subliminal world that fuels the life and death battle to crack the shackled life. Clandestinely-filled prisons, Macoute spies, a sabotoged plantation, a perilous sea escape, and executions and torture abound. Tension builds. A popular bloody revolt. A soldier kills a fisherboy, shattering the dream. Incensed throngs revive the ancestral quest for a just New Haiti. In Creoles and some English with English subtitles. VHS.


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