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Why has Bodhi-Dharma left for the East?

Directed by: Bae Yong-kyun

Cast: Yi Pan-Yong, Sin Won-Sop, Huang Hae-Jin, Ko Su-Myong

In a remote monastery high up in the mountains an old master, a young monk and an orphaned boy devote themselves to their Buddhist teachings. As the master faces death, he must lead his disciples away from their past ties to the outside world and its rapidly changing values, and point them toward their quest for enlightenment. In Korean with English subtitles. VHS

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Spring, summer, fall, winter-- and spring

Directed by: Kim Ki-duk.

Cast: Yeong-su Oh, Ki-duk Kim, Young-min Kim, Jae-kyeong Seo, Yeo-jin Ha, Jong-ho Kim, Jung-young Kim, Dae-hin Ji, Min Choi, Ji-a Pak, Min-Young Song.

A chronicle of the life of a Buddhist monk from childhood to the end of his days. Korean dialogue, English and French subtitles. DVD.

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