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The 4th man

Directed by: Paul Verhoeven.

Cast: Jeroen Krabbe, Renee Soutendijk.

A daring comic thriller that mixes trashy eroticism and terror with sardonic wit as it tells the story of a novelist who becomes obsessed with a young man he sees on a train, and his efforts to bed the man. In Dutch with English subtitles. VHS format.

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Karakter / Character

Directed by: Mike Van Diem.

Cast: Jan DeCleir, Fredja Van Huet, Betty Schuurman, Tamar Van Den Dop, Victor Low, Hans Kesting.

Dreverhaven is dead. The city's most feared bailiff, the curse of the poor, the agent of law without compassion--discovered with a knife through his heart. A self-taught lawyer who just passes his exams was the last person to see Drevehaven alive. Now, the police want to know why he visited the old man, and the young barrister is ready to tell the story of a lifetime. In Dutch with English subtitles. VHS.


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Zus & Zo

Directed by: Paula van der Oest

Cast: Jacob Derwig, Halina Reijn, Monic Hendrickx, Anneke Blok, Sylvia Poorta

Zus & Zo follows three sisters as they attempt to sabotage their gay brother's upcoming wedding so he does not inherit the treasured family resort. Dutch with English subtitles. DVD

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