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Physics labs

(Summary)   Lab P1 - Freefall (MS Word) (PDF)
(Summary)   Lab P2 - Introduciton to Motion (MS Word) (PDF)
(Summary)   Lab P3 - Force on an Inclined Plane (MS Word) (PDF)
(Summary)   Lab P4 - Forces and Motion (Atwood Pulley) (MS Word) (PDF)
(Summary)   Lab P5 - Forces and Motion (with a 1.2m track and smart pulley) (MS Word) (PDF)
(Summary)   Lab P7 - Motion of a Pendulum (MS Word) (PDF)
(Summary)   Lab P10 - Conservation of Momentum (MS Word) (PDF)
(Summary)   Lab P14 - Force Table Exploration (MS Word) (PDF)
(Summary)   Lab P15 - The Sounds Around Us! (MS Word) (PDF)
(Summary)   Lab P16 - Ohm's Law (MS Word) (PDF)
(Summary)   Lab P18 - Induced EMF (MS Word) (PDF)
(Summary)   Lab P19 - Half-life of an Isotope
  (Half-life of a Radioactive Substance(Nuclear sensor))
(MS Word) (PDF)
(Summary)   Lab P20 - Radiation Shielding (MS Word) (PDF)
(Summary)   Lab P21 - Equipotential and Electric Field Mapping (MS Word) (PDF)

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