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Overview of Collections


Lowell Thomas Papers

The Lowell Thomas Papers documents the career of the twentieth century American pioneer news commentator, journalist, author, film producer and world traveler.

Walt Hawver Collection

The Walt Hawver Collection contains documents, letters, newspaper clippings and audio cassette tapes covering the history of Capital Cities Broadcasting for use in Walt Hawver's published book, Capital Cities/ABC, the Early Years: 1954-1986, How the Minnow Came to Swallow the Whale.

Environmental History Collections

Cornwall Pumped Storage Project Collection

The Cornwall Collection contains a variety of scientific studies, including ecological studies of the Hudson River Estuary, fisheries investigations, and the impact of the power plant on the fish and environment. In addition, the collection has several newspaper clippings related to the Storm King Case and Indian Point.

Duggan Family Papers

The Duggan Family Papers is a collection of letters, legal documents, financial records, administrative correspondence, published information, newspaper clippings and photographs relating to the lives of Stephen and Smokey Duggan and their involvement in the Storm King Case and the Natural Resources Defense Council. Also included is the collected research and notes of Mary Vance Duggan resulting from her screenplay on the Duggans and the campaign against the Con-Ed plan for Storm King Mountain.

Henry Dain Papers

The Henry Dain Collection contains documents and clipping related to the Hudson River Environmental Society, underground transmission lines, and the proposed Cornwall Storage Pump.

John Grim Collection

The John Grim Collection consists of the findings of Northeast Biologists, Inc., on the Hudson River and it's fisheries between the years of 1965 and 1968.

Hudson River Conservation Society, Inc. Collection

The Hudson River Conservation Society Collection consists of correspondence, office records, reports, memoranda, newsletters, brochures, maps, newspaper clippings, press releases, opinion polls, financial records, scrapbooks, photographs, books, and other printed material documenting the history of one of New York State's earliest environmental organizations.

Hudson River Environmental Society Collection

The Hudson River Environmental Society Collection documents the research, actions, and legal cases involving environmental issues surrounding the Hudson River Valley.

Hudson River Environmental Society Library

The Marist College Archives and Special Collections is the repository for the Hudson River Environmental Society Library.

Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc. Collection

Clearwater is a non-profit organization founded in 1966 dedicated to the education and preservation of the Hudson River. Its goal is "to defend and restore the Hudson River." The Hudson River Sloop Clearwater Collection consists of studies, reports, correspondence, and clippings documenting the society's interests in local environmental issues.

Hudson River Valley Commission Collection: Records Relating to the Storm King Case, 1966 - 1967

The Hudson River Valley Commission Collection documents the contributions of the Hudson River Valley Commission to the Storm King Case (1966-1967).

Hudson River Valley Commission Collection: Records Relating to the 1965 - 1970 Surveys

The Hudson River Valley Commission (HRVC) was formed by Governor Rockefeller and his staff to regulate development along the Hudson River in 1966. This collection primarily consists of the findings from a series of surveys conducted by the HRVC between 1965 and 1970.

Hudson River Valley Greenway Council Collection

The Hudson River Valley Greenway Council Collection documents the development and growth of the Greenway Council from 1989 - 1996.

Hudson Valley GREEN Collection

The Hudson Valley GREEN (Grass Roots Energy & Environmental Network) Collection documents the development of the environmental group and their constant vigilance in protecting the environment in the Hudson River Valley Area (1981 - 2002).

On the River Collection

On the River is a 166-part documentary on the Hudson River, which aired on WTZA from 1986 to 1990.

Alexander Saunders Papers

The Saunders Papers document the contributions of Alexander Saunders to the Storm King Case (1962 - 1966).

Scenic Hudson Collection: Records Relating to the Storm King Case, 1963-1981

The Scenic Hudson Collection documents the landmark environmental law case known as the Scenic Hudson Decision or the Storm King Case (1963 - 1981).

Scenic Hudson Decision Hearings Transcripts Collection

The Scenic Hudson Decision Hearings Transcripts Collection consists of materials documenting the landmark environmental law case that opposed the Consolidated Edison Company's proposed pump storage facility at Storm King Mountain, near Cornwall, NY. The Scenic Hudson Decision, as the case is called in law books, launched the modern environmental movement.

Scenic Hudson, Inc. Administrative History Collection

The Scenic Hudson, Inc. Administrative History Collection documents the development of Scenic Hudson, Inc. from their landmark achievement of preserving the environmental integrity and beauty of the Hudson River and its surrounding areas (1960 - 2000).

Whitney N. Seymour Jr. Papers

The Seymour Papers document the contributions of Senator & Mrs. Whitney N. Seymour Jr. to the Storm King Case (1962 - 1978).

Hudson River Valley History

Edvard Bech Collection

The Edvard Bech Collection contains letters, photos, documents, manuscripts, records and newspaper clippings concerning the Bech family history and businesses in the United States.

Annia F. Booth Papers

The Annia F. Booth Papers contains the journal of Annia Booth, which details her life starting in January 1904 through 1905.

Cathedral College Collection: Class of 1924

The Cathedral College Collection: Class of 1924 Collection consists of a book written by the class detailing their lives at school, newsletters printed up and distributed by the class, as well as photographs of the students and postcards received by the students.

Catholic Studies Collection

The Catholic Studies Collection contains various documents, photographs, books, essays, pamphlets, newspapers, and audio and video tapes all having to do with Catholicism and/ or topics which touched on Catholicism and the lives of Catholics in the years from 1870 through 2003.

Coffin Family Papers

The Coffin Family Collection contains bills, promissory notes, receipts, account ledgers, bonds, deeds and other documents relating to the business and personal transactions of Robert Coffin of Dutchess County, NY.

Community Experimental Repertory Theatre (C.E.R.T.) Collection

The Community Experimental Repertory Theatre (C.E.R.T.) Collection contains photographs, slides, negatives, documents, newspaper clippings, performance programs and advertisements relating to the performances and history of C.E.R.T. spanning from 1976 to 1989.

Cunneen-Hackett Family Papers

The Cunneen-Hackett Family Collection consists of materials from the estate of Charlotte Cunneen-Hackett. Various belongings including family Bibles, books concerning religious and nature themes, personal journals, diaries and photo albums are included in the collection. There is also another section dedicated to correspondence of New York State Senator Hatfield and information regarding Senate Bills he was influential in forming.

Henry and Elizabeth Eugle Collection

The Henry and Elizabeth Eugle Collection contains concert programs, promotional leaflets, photographs, advertisements and newspaper articles covering vocal and orchestral performances in the Hudson Valley between 1930 and 1984.

Hudson River Ships and Commerce Collection

The Hudson River Ships and Commerce Collection Collection contains documents from the 19th century pertaining to commerce of ships on the Hudson River including a list of ships, bills of sale of ships and bills and receipts for money lending and goods.

Intercollegiate Rowing Association Collection

The Intercollegiate Rowing Association Collection consists of documents, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and programs relating to the Poughkeepsie Regatta, held from 1895 to 1949. In 1894 representatives from Columbia University, Cornell University, and the University of Pennsylvania selected the Hudson River at Poughkeepsie, New York as the site for regattas of their newly formed Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA). Poughkeepsie soon became known as the "Rowing Capital of the World", hosting IRA regattas for over 50 years.

McCann Postcard Collections

The McCann Postcard Collection consists of various postcards sent to Agnes and her family between 1901 and 1908 and a book describing the transcontinental journey of the Mitchell Ranger.

Reese Family Papers

The Reese Family Papers document the professional and personal lives of several of the ancestors of Frances Gallatin Stevens Reese and her husband, Willis Livingston Mesier Reese. The papers contain indentures, personal, political, and business correspondence, military documents, manuscripts of prose and poetry, scrapbooks, bills of lading, invoices, promissory notes, canceled checks, financial ledgers, diaries, passports, newspaper clippings, and photographs dating from 1692 to 2003.

Scrapbook Collection

The Scrapbook Collection contains miscellaneous material about live concerts, theater productions, and baseball in Dutchess County spanning from 1931 to 1968.

Jonah Sherman Collection

The Jonah Sherman Collection is a compilation of local business records, government documents, city planning materials, local histories and ephemera. Gathered by local businessman Jonah Sherman, the Collection is extremely valuable to those seeking information on the modern history of Poughkeepsie and Greater Dutchess County.

Stewart Newburgh Airport Records

The Stewart Newburgh Airport Records contains various papers, correspondence, reports, and clippings from the '90s regarding changes and the upkeep of the airport. Included are documents concerning airport terminal expansion and privatization of the airport.

Matthew Vassar, Jr. Collection

The Matthew Vassar, Jr. Collection consists of over 3500 phonograph records and follows the development of rhythm and blues for more than 50 years.


Stanley Becchetti Collection

The Stanley Becchetti Collection consists of personal possessions from Marist College including admissions letters, class grades, student newspapers, alumni newsletters, and articles on the completed McCann Center, as well as physical memorabilia from his college years. The collection is organized by subject.

Brother Cornelius Russell Papers

The Brother Cornelius Russell Papers contains correspondence to his family from his three year tour in the United States Army during World War II and from his Novitiate years as a Marist Brother. This collection also includes photos of his family and friends, diplomas from various schools, awards Brother Cornelius received throughout his life, and his World War II uniform.

Student Newspapers: The Record and The Circle

The Marist College Archives and Special Collections has digitized the first 40 years of the student newspapers. All of the issues of The Record and The Circle from 1961 to the spring of 2000 are available in PDF format.

Brother Gerard Matthew Weiss Papers

The Weiss Collection documents Brother Gerard Matthew Weiss's sermons while at Marist College. The Collection also includes correspondence, mortgage deeds, insurance policies, and newspaper clippings pertaining to the Weiss family.

Thomas Steininger Collection

The Thomas Steininger Collection contains Bulletins of Studies from St. Ann’s Hermitage, holy pictures and mementos of the Marist Brothers, post cards, playbills and programs from St. Ann’s Hermitage, prayer books, retreat notes and various other mementos from Thomas Steininger’s years with the Marist Brothers.

Student Theatre Collection

The Student Theatre Collection consists of plays, both amateur (student) written plays and professional theatre productions. The student written plays were developed under the direction of Gerard A. Cox.


Nelly Goletti Papers

The Nelly Goletti Collection documents the career of the twentieth century French chanteuse, composer, and pianist.

Rick Whitesell Collection

The Rick Whitesell Collection consists of over 3500 phonograph records and follows the development of rhythm and blues for more than 50 years.

Rare Book Collections

James T. Cox Collection

The James T. Cox Collection consists of twentieth century plays (both professional and amateur), musicals, and screenplays.

Gill Family Fore-Edge Painting Collections

The Gill Family Fore-Edge Painting Collections comprise 54 volumes (44 titles) published between 1798 and 1909 in England, the United States, and France.


Geraldine Geller Collection

The Geraldine Geller Collection consists of beauty, fashion, travel, consumer goods, and entertainment articles and advertisements from issues of Harpers Bazaar, Vanity Fair, and Vogue from the 1920s – 1940s. Various historical newspaper articles, advertisements, and pictures are also included.

Blaise Pascal Collection

The Blaise Pascal Collection contains sources, notes and drafts of Mara Vamos' works on Blaise Pascal.