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360 View - World War I/Travelogues

World War I flannel-lined leather aviator's helmet. Laces up the back, adjustable straps with buckles at the chin. Built-in ear flaps accommodate radio headset, and side snaps hold goggles in place. Goggles are hinged for a custom fit.

Date: 1914 -1918

Location: Item 1 - Box 1713

World War I Pickelhaube, standard issue World War I German infantry black spiked helmet. Features fluted spike, cruciform spike base, squared visor rim, brass chin scales and red cockade around chinstrap fitting.

Date: 1914 -1918

Location: Item 1 - Box 1714

World War I Italian "Adrian" M1916 helmet in grey-green painted metal. Helmet made in two pieces: the helmet shell and crest. Liner is Italian made leather with cloth head band in grey-green wool.

Date: 1914 -1918

Location: Item 1 - Box 1715

Ceremonial knife/dagger, hand carved wooden handle with decorative white metal discs. U-shaped stitched leather sheath overlaid with traditional metalwork.

Date: Circa 1918

Location: Item 1 - Box 1716

Camel saddle of the Tuareg people, featuring tooled leather with brass decorative strips and incised tin detailing. Measuring approximately 31 x 14 x 37 inches.

Date: Circa 1918

Location: Item 1 - Box 1717

Plaster relief of T. E. Lawrence. Measures 7 x 11 x 1 1/2 inches.

Date: undated

Location: Item 1 - Box 1719

Red eye-glass container measuring approximately 4 1/2 x 2 inches. Company logo inside of case reads "Fort and Goodwin Jewelers, 2 North Broad St., Trenton, N.J."

Date: circa 1917 - 1918

Location: Item 1 - Box 1720

Lowell Thomas's desert robe. Heavy deep brown wool with intricate golden embroidery on square collar. Tie-front with fine gold thread balls.

Date: circa 1918

Location: Item 1 - Box 1721